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Happy Friday. Appreciate the hat on you today. Thanks for you know, I know you do and I appreciate you don't have to do that because I didn't say You look bad without a hat. Just compliment did the fact you had a hat? Thanks. One day. Yeah, you turned that into. I don't like to see you ever without a hat. Well, no, It just happened on the same day when I think someone else either on Twitter was like, Oh, my gosh. Yeah, I like you with the hat. So I was like, Oh, I must look terrible with that hat. So time start wearing a hat all the time. You need to stop listening to these comments, all right? And I mean, can I make a true confession right here on the radio? No. So I knew I was going to come here and record a rap song today and so I was very conscious of like my attire because I feel like you have to dress for the job that you want for. Sure, It's a whole vibe, right? So it survived. So I wore my son's wheat Jordans. And then I wore my G unit shirt that I got a Burlington coat factory along time ago. Oh, hell, yeah, I know the only place where I've ever bought ghee in it. Clothing and food, you underwear Who's your face? Remember of the G unit. I was a big fan of 50. I just Ah, just I felt like fitty. The only one I can name and just s So then I was getting ready. And I had even taken the picture I had. You know, when you are texting someone a picture. You can either send the picture from your photos. Or you can take the picture while you're texting with them. Yeah, but let's just go take a photo than Senator. You know, I feel like that camera that comes from your text. App is not as good as just using the Strait of camera totally agree. And I had just said I just said my girlfriend, a nude, full frontal in the in the in the in the mirror Placid. Yeah. I mean, I'm not going, okay? I don't know why I asked it so aggressively was for you did well, I'm just saying, like, Yeah, sorry about that. Anyway, I just done that. And I had a text open with John. And I had my shirt, my G unit shirt open. I was trying to look like a rapper. Anna and I and I I had my pants on. But I had my shirt open, and I almost sent it to John. Why wouldn't you Because I thought you might like, tweet it out, So I didn't Oh, no, it was really close. And then I realized how ridiculous it was that I even thought about it. So do you have the picture? No. Because I threw the message message. What would happen if you saw Drew naked? Would that change your order naked? No, No, no, it wasn't. It wasn't naked. I was. I think I have a chance on I've seen at least his bare ass. I don't think I've seen the hog. I've seen a lot of change things between you two. Yes. Not in a bad way O, But what would it change? Well, I think any time you know, you know everything like I think that just adds another lady relationship. I don't know how it would change our day in and day out working relationship, But you can't you know, stare a man's hog in the eye and And not have a change your relationship? Yeah, it would just It would tweak things not make it better. You don't know It's just It's another layer. Yeah, but I didn't send it because my closet was a mess. And that was why I was like, If John Tweets us out, people are going to rag on me from a messy closet. That's so that's Well, I like your attire. I noticed that as soon as I walked in, takes a rapper alive alone. Who're you? Yes, you are. From the 7 to 7. Hello. It's Tony One hit Wonder Climax blues band I feel like Climax blues band had another song. Besides, I Love you, which is a great song by the way, but I feel like, Let me just see if I'm right Climax Blues band. I never even heard of. I love you, but couldn't get it, right. Oh, well, I've never heard of couldn't get it. Right. So I guess they're not a one hit. Wonder if you heard of I love you. Everybody who was alive in the 19 seventies and eighties knows this one. It's one of those.

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