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How about you fill out this form yellow one. Oh i bit christian horner enjoys it could grenache. Doesn't he would be someone. Who would you get around that him in Sporty gingy. I think it's be. Jason is he's really Married i was married to. He's well they relations as Yeah yeah fine i bit. Yeah he looked probably does doesn't he. He's probably cost a lot of money. Whatever he was buying money on his mind say because he's coming out not only obviously he'd at in silverton when the crash happened max staff and lewis hamilton. The crash it cops on lap one. That of course put this out of the race and momentarily in hospital. We'll talk about that. But he's also self published made a blog on the red bull website. Much sounds much like donald trump did wasn't it except he's less. It's a little bit like getting a them. I get these lake to me. Is like getting a a letter from the president and the mailing address. Hawthorn football club. Jeff can for them. They mad rambling. Yes yes he's well he's unmanned ramblings have been self published on the website. I'm sure he employed someone from the online team to four with one. These lucky we. We need to jeff kit. We we needed exact. He would be fascinating for the osce version of the sort of the movie. A home with one on on a seven thirty on a sunday night on channel seven after the olympics the olympics of course jeff kennett would be one hundred percent. He'd be a one of the sort of cast as the primary villain of the show. It'd be fantastic. i would play john. Murray balestra easy except it would be like john. Mark berry would be the australian name or something like that except except it would be just forgetting. He's just easy just to call him. Jeff kuhlman look. Grison has been about because he's upset that the crash has caused team and estimated not him. Personally i seem to point four million stralia. I don't know what that is in another county do your own calculations because more importantly that is one point two percent doesn't sound like a lot but i guess it is when the unexpected percent of the budget cap which is nearly two hundred million dollars a year. Which salat really when you think about it. But that's he's upset point because this is the first year the budget cap and not only mercedes and lewis. Hamilton slashed the championship capping one rice. But also them in a year before the rules are going to change quite dramatically of course two point four million bucks cobb divert something else. Plus there's also the prospect that the engine might not be recoverable. They're not sure they're going to do the tests. But donald put max on the penalty. Bubble in short is extremely upset. He's even said he's considering appealing the penalty to the as well. So it's it's of say it's still on his mind. I'm very surprised that form with one haven't made some kind of you know courtroom series because it would be great if the two teams could come to an agreement Not the sacred agreement in in a sort of televised sort of Boss battle where the cities and ripple just. You could add over over time. Because i think if if this graves and obviously cash isn't gonna pop wise but what what else could you. How could you. What other forms of restitution include mercedes offer red bull. Just shut them up and feel of magnolia. This tried to tried to sell some of my annual leave extremely enterprise could say what does it say. These just just tried Penalty tokens so. It's like okay. Well you're going to talk a penalty. What why don't we just give you one of as we've we've got a little bit more than happy to give you one advantage in tokens and max can have a have a free not admitting false but this is just the nice little gesture of goodwill i liked. I'll tell you what this is. What jeff kenna would be good in the form one movie because if you noticed the whenever we talk about the budget.

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