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I don't know a lot of the people that are concerned with with that theory of conveniently died so conveniently or not. But it's it's one of these things that I think we can say this is dangerous. This is fake news. People are going to believe this. That is always been the case people people think. Avatars true. So it's it's what's important is that we're discussing what's important is that we're questioning these things and there are blowing realities out there. I'm sure and if a film wants to get hold of it and give it a good shake, then then we're better for it. But I mean in something like vice which is basically entertainment saying this this is, you know, was there anything in there that that really struck? You is factually problematic. No, not really because I mean, the great thing about Dick Cheney is that he is he disappears. Even though he's very very powerful. He's kind of an invisible, man. And I think that that's why ETA McKay was was did such a good job with with this. Because nobody really knew Dick Cheney looked like until Christian bale decided to show us and Christian. Was just weird. But also, the vice president has never been as as as the the movie says has never been a very hands on role. It's always looks a little bit. Like just in case, the president dies, or if he doesn't want to go to an event, the vice will go, and I think it's interesting to see that. It's possible the device could actually get more power than normally allotted. Some people think films about historical figures have a responsibility to the truth similar to newspaper, for instance. But I shouldn't assume audiences cheated should we? Yeah. We, but we should I think I go into a movie you don't want to sit there and have a lesson. You know, you want to be entertained. You wanna be an intrigued an as a journalist? I know that when I'm writing something I choose the facts that I want to use. So I'm not going to give you the whole argument. Number one time number two. I don't have all the facts. In fact, nobody does. So I think it's it's silly to suggest that a documentary is very close to the fact at all because it is a way of showing you a set of facts. So that aside is that a good movie. Should we go and see it? Yes. I was really not looking for it. I'm american. I wasn't looking forward to seeing it. It's hugely entertaining. It's fast. It's pacey. It's funny and it's an eye opener. Absolutely. Karen, Crisanto vich. Thank you very much. Lead. And that's vice which I understand is on on general release at the moment. Not. So we have time for today. Thanks to offer. Jesus Ben Ryland and Daniel bait research is today with patrons and mainly Evans, an Ostade marriage. It was David Stevens. Now up to the headlines. There's much more music on the way, Ben Ryland will be returning with the continental shift. Lots of great music coming up. Looks K pop guaranteed and various other pieces from ROY the world. The briefing is live at midday. That's London time. And then the glibness will return at the same time tomorrow. I'm Georgina Godwin. Thank you for listening..

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