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Troops. And we'll assess what it means for the wider war. Also today, the catastrophe facing Sri Lanka as fuel runs out and food becomes ever more expensive. How climate change is playing havoc with Australia's weather, parts of Sydney are underwater because of another bout of torrential rain. I've been in the emergency management business for half a century, my father was a volunteer firefighter for 60 years, and it's frightening. And it's time for the world to wake up and take real action on climate change. And we'll remember the visionary British theater director Peter brook, who's died at the age of 97. All of that and more after the news. BBC News with Sue Montgomery. Ukraine's military has confirmed that it was forced to withdraw its troops from the embattled eastern city of lucid chunk. It follows a sustained Russian offensive, from Kyiv he is Sarah rainsford. The statement from Ukraine's defense ministry was slow to come and regretful and tone. It confirmed that its troops have now been forced to withdraw from listed chance in the face of Russia's huge military advantage on the grounds the decision was made to save lives a statement said because iron will and patriotism alone are not enough for success. This admission came hours after Russia's defense minister had informed Vladimir Putin that the city and so the entire region of Luhansk had been liberated as he put it. It is a big moment for Russia, which is pushing to take the whole of the Donbass, is one half of that. West African leaders have announced the lifting of sanctions against the military regime in Mali, the decision was made at the summit of the economic community of West African states in Accra. He is Richard Hamilton. Mali underwent two military coups in less than a year. These were followed by similar moves in Guinea and Burkina Faso. Echo was imposed crippling economic sanctions on Mali unless a punishment on the other two. These sanctions had a devastating impact on Mali as its economy was already under strain from a jihadist insurgency. Under such pressure, the military and Bamako signed a new election law last month, setting out a timeline for a return to civilian rule. The ECOWAS mediator in Mali, the former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, visited the country last week, and his delegation had spoken of enormous progress. Danish police say several people have been killed in a shooting incident in a shopping center in the capital Copenhagen. They've arrested one person, an ethnic Danish man, but they've not yet been able to establish its motives. There's head of the Copenhagen police. Around half past 5 today, the Copenhagen police was notified of a shooting incident at the field's shopping center in agar. When we arrived at the scene, we were able to establish that there were many people who had been injured, and we now also know that several people have been killed. At the scene we detained a suspect near the shopping center. The health authorities in the Uzbek region of karakalpakstan say thousands of people are being treated in hospital after being injured during unrest on Friday. Clashes broke out with the security forces when protesters took to the streets over plans by Tashkent to withdraw this autonomous territory's right to secede, president mercy yoyo accused what he called malicious forces of trying to destabilize the situation. BBC News. And for WNYC news, I'm Tiffany Hansen in New York. The state legislature started the process of enshrining abortion rights into the state constitution on Friday, using language meant to cover abortion and contraception the proposed amendment is meant to apply to quote pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and reproductive healthcare and autonomy. The constitutional measure passed both the state Senate and assembly. It will come before the legislature for a second time next year when it will have to pass again. If approved by lawmakers at that time the measure would then be put to voters for a final approval, that could happen as early as late next year. The flushing Main Street station in Queens is getting some congestion relief in the form of 8 new staircases. MTA chair Janet lieber said in a statement that the station is one of the top ten busiest in the system. The project will cost an estimated $61 million and is expected to be finished in fall of 2023. And a trip to Coney Island for the 4th of July is a Rite of passage for a lot of people after the pandemic kept many visitors away over the last couple of summers. Shopkeepers and ride operators are excited to welcome back big crowds. Dennis, co owns dino's wonder wheel park with gas prices and other costs hitting record highs, vadera says Coney Island is the place to be. Coney Island is inflation proof. It's

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