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And a four thirty three slugging and he was gone after nineteen seventy six for Gary Matthews sixteen years in the big leagues so I said he went to Atlanta in nineteen seventy seven career this charge with the Phillies the cubs in Seattle ended in nineteen eighty seven with two thousand and eleven hits for the great Gary Matthews so this is one it was opening day Bob blurry god but herself at the last second the meat packing king of Arizona and they save the giants from going to Toronto and being part of Labatt's beers seventy six seven that they were certainly excited he obviously felt my first gave as the owner of the giants are going to play the Dodgers I hated Dodgers I got a call at seven o'clock in the morning from Jamar pitcher for the giants in the Player rep who informed me that the Dodgers don't want to cross the picket line because the many drivers were on strike and I said Jim we work so hard to keep this club here instead of standing up and Toronto I'm I'm not a perfectionist we could with nine the nothing that is fine with me Hey I go to the ballpark this relief pitcher comes to my office and trying to tell me how they're not going to play and I repeat the same thing and obviously the Dodgers are gonna fly me Tommy lasorda for the first time and he goes in the one of his very famous tirades every four letter word you could ever think of and some you may have about how terrible this guy is and the heck with him and he can sit on the bench or he can go home or whatever so but we did win against the Dodgers our first victory this is opening day April ninth of nineteen seventy six and everyone was glad that we had baseball in San Francisco thirty seven thousand two hundred sixty one go home happy in two hours and seven minutes the giants win the home opener April ninth nineteen seventy six forty two over the Dodgers and they want to beat him the next day as well before going out on the.

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