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Showers and storms, possible, a low of sixty eight tomorrow cloudy rain likely with a chance of storms a high, of seventy nine Wednesday mostly cloudy a chance of showers and storms again a high. Of eighty two and then on, Thursday mostly sunny a high of eighty, five that's the forecast from your severe weather station News Radio seven hundred w radar. Shows just clouds right now in the tri-state at seventy seven degrees the homeless coalition of Cincinnati has a. List of actions at wants from the city I, on that, list released today the people living intense along third street do not want to. Be warned or intimidated to vacate public land by the city they're also calling for shower and portable toilets. At the site along, with more affordable housing and legislative protections the Ohio State patrol says Cincinnati man died of his injuries. After the rump key truck he was, operating was struck from the rear this morning he was standing outside collecting the trash he's been identified as fifty two. Year old David Evans the, driver of the other car was injured no word yet of charges will, be filed all these stores are holding, a one day hiring spree in, Ohio Kentucky, and in West Virginia that'll be. From, nine to five this Saturday they are looking to, fill one hundred positions and tomorrow the. First criminal trial stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller's, investigation, into Russian meddling in the election but for President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort this, trial has nothing to do with Russia for now ABC's Kyra Phillips has more Manafort. Is facing eighteen counts financial crimes, allegations that he laundered at least sixty, million dollars from consulting work on behalf of pro Russian Ukrainian politicians then funneling the. Funds through offshore Bank accounts and intern living a lavish lifestyle fit for a king if convicted though legal. Experts say Manafort could stay Cut, a deal with. Mahler and. Cooperate with the investigation into election meddling I'm Jack crumley our next update at. Eight thirty and breaking news, anytime NewsRadio seven hundred wwl mental illness I've seen firsthand. With this crisis does to families and. Communities not only is there the stigma and. Lack of, understanding there's also the difficulty of finding help. The right help hi I'm Scott Sloan if. You know an adolescent struggling with addiction anxiety obsessive compulsive disorder PTSD, or, depression there is hope. The Williams house if the Lindner. Center of, hope they know the struggles that go along with these types of disorders and the stress and can, cause in a family you.

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