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Should know free. On apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows A. He toured the damage caused amid the unrest that followed the August 23rd shooting of Jacob Blake. Who is black. Trump did not meet with the Blake family. But he did meet with some black ministers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A lot of unrest in Kenosha the first three nights after the shooting. More than 30. Fires were set and numerous businesses were vandalized. Trump praising the police department, He is blaming what he calls domestic terror that he said fueled the violence. In Kenosha, also blaming Democrats and Joe Biden, according to the president, who has now left Kenosha, Wisconsin. State of Illinois says there were another 1492 confirmed cases of covert 19 in the past 24 hours 42 straight days that we've had at least 1000 new cases. 39 new death. The city of Chicago, adding North Carolina, Hawaii and Nebraska, too. It's mandatory quarantine order. It says it may add Indiana if things don't get better there. Finally, a free port man spent decades performing as an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. George bus was sent to take part in a reenactment of the Lincoln Douglas debate in Freeport that had been set for this Saturday. But now George bus has been arrested on charges of charges related to producing a child porn video. He is under arrest now ordered held on $200,000 bond in the Stevenson County jail. That is just horrible. Isn't that horrible? I mean, he was going to go out with his beard Stovepipe hat. That's where he kept the porno. But that's the sky has traveled around the country Impersonating Lincoln, including React mint reenactments of the Gettysburg Address. Before he was on C span in a Siri's of reenactments. Oh, no, he began Impersonating Lincoln about 30 years ago. Yeah. Wow. So All right. W L s news times 6 35 Checking traffic.

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