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There was one significant faster i noticed between the two teams one ucla not a lot of intensity kansas state a ton of intensity they were unbelievable focused on what the task at hand was and i even made a comment to one of ucla coaches they say hey you'd see the little lucy juicy said i noticed the safety i don't want to see that right before the break ballgame eighteen yards that time devoid of the back field man in motion of the jet sweep it's a kid for top said ankle tackled able to get to the forty four yard line jakub to realty mariner the white defensive and just got a piece of the ankle well to yo team mariner plays three different positions he'll line up as a de an which is really his role is to hold the edge you'll line up as a inside pass rush guy three technique and then he'll place of linebacker to drop it pass coverage so he's a very versatile player rugova thirty six yard second out at seven coming up from the right hash dibble of the bag fields schuyler thompson went up to the line out comes back in the god to receivers to the far left side one of the right there's the stat format raj passes rhode incomplete it might have been some confusion sacked reuter was the intended receiver and it's incomplete third down at six governor gadgets look like the the route got busted off reuter who made a couple of big catches in the final regular season game against iowa state reuters a nice pick targets six three two hundred powder out of missouri seven fifteen to go first quarter kansas state is at the thirty six yard line of ucla were scoreless as schuyler thompson in the gun on third doubted 63 receivers to the wide left side one receiver byron clinging to the right there's the staff at a whistle right before the stamp on the near left side right at the line of scrimmage start offense number seventy seven five yard penalty they're down that is a nick called buyers getting a starter right tackle rams because dollarised there uh the.

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