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This term should be used more often frankly. It's a failure of wrestling that this term is used more often to describe wrestlers at any level not commercial rockstar. He's michael jackson freddie mercury mick jagger. He has that 'it factor and he's prints. I mean there it's like he's a rock star and he is so much he whatever. The negative might come along culturally from him. Being japanese is is irrelevant because who he is as a human being in a rockstar overrides. Any of that and i am more fearful. That vince won't recognize that or get it or see it. But there's no if if you're if you're worried about ratings being down the best thing that happens when ratings are down as big things happen that are outside the normal normal I guess in the box approach to promoting. I mean it took vince russo. Being brought into booking beating by bill watts through some a magazine writer. Just to keep up on storylines. Keep the magazine more up to date. He'll confide his tongue. No surprise and told vincent his yes man. This is ridiculous. This era of howard stern. You guys are lame And you should be doing things different and at. I'm sure you know vince was that i. Who does this guy think he is and then he absolutely loved him for speaking his mind and it changed the course of the industry and at some point when things are bad mines open up more open-minded the things. I'm hoping the timing is right in that regard for nakimora that that the ratings are low enough even if other things are going pretty well in certain ways that vincent's like yeah. I don't wanna i don't i. Don't get this guy but it's the crowds at them. Let's do it. We did was austin listened to the fans and go forward with it and see what happens. It'll be it'll be exciting. let's go yeah you know. I think the only thing that would stop nakimora from succeeding would be if he got a couple of injuries. I think i think we're at a time period. Where vincent whoever else is super sensitive to injury prone wrestlers so if that would be one thing if he got he got a couple of injuries then i think all the confidence and gone So as long as he stays injury-free which i think you can Then i think it'll be fine. Yeah yeah good point. let's go back to reginald. i think reginald. He said he had a second topic for us. I did through i wanted to Something else that got brought up earlier you were talking about rain in the situation and we talked about a million times but There's something i actually talking to. James carville about a few weeks ago and We were kind of elaborating on that. That was saying that I feel like 'cause actually believe it or not. I don't i think he's has put on some good matches. I just think that the booking has been his problem. He's been putting a really re position right now. But i think we can benefit from is is is kind of like doing like a Eight to be redundant here but kind of do a c. And punk kind of thing were hugest like she puts out and it's real like he actually like he just rips off that shield vest. He's just like you know he's like you know what. Forget this. You know what you guys are mad at me. 'cause you wanna be me like you really just cuts like a pipe bomb. You just goes off like he gets in the crowd space he's going off and he embraces being you embrace being hated then that's where that's where all the rewards will come in later if that makes any sense like if the embrace being booed embraced If if you like accepted the fact that not everybody's gonna like. I mean and and he can get handed being like that. He's going to have to really work hard to get that and just cut loose with his mind and they experienced that freedom so that's all i have been Thanks guys agreed afternoon to take their thanks. reginal Anything to say on that stuff. No i think it definitely going back to what we talked about before i would say the only difference is i. Don't think roman is to communicate around the microphone. The cnn kids. So i don't. I don't think that a a promo would do it but i i mean i do think that any knowledge meant like we said What the crowd is doing Would go a long way absolutely well. Take our final break of this hour. And we'll come back with some more minutes. With sam roberts from the sam roberts wrestling podcast and Some more calls and or emails So stay tuned. we'll be right back. I am wade. Keller joined by sam roberts here on torchlight june sixteenth. Two thousand sixteen Sam just saw on twitter a comment. That kind of lied to us Getting your thoughts on the pending roster split I love these twitter handles. His name is so credit. says pow torches the brand split idea ba due to low ratings and we'll splitting the roster cut ratings in half and further damage the product i. I'm more of an optimist i'm just saying optimists. 'cause that's the wrong word because i i i'm i'm certainly aware of the perils of wwe's approach the roster split previously. And and. i'm not sure that i'm putting money on them doing things right. But i m someone who thinks that it's a. It's an idea that i've done. Well can be absolutely beneficial. I mean having not over exposing on two shows per week and being forced to look at the bright side and do what. Paul heyman did any. Cw which is our either six things that disqualifies this guy from ever getting a job in wrestling. But there's four things that i can utilize to make money with them. And i'm going to focus on those four things and not the other six and he had created this promotion from it when you don't when you can't just default to another kevin owens styles randy orton shameless filler match on smackdown. Because you don't have half those guys I i think you're forcing you've created a structure. My analogy was. It's like if you don't bring potato chips home and put them in the cupboard. You're more likely to reach for the celery and hamas in the fridge And i the roster split is forcing them into not reaching to the to the answer which is just have using until twenty five minutes on raw and twenty five minutes on smackdown..

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