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I'm done with child. That was the last caller. I am done with this month, boom marine. Obviously, go ahead. I got to get the fuck away from Mike. Fan, but all these negative way on have man sometimes. Sometimes you. Bro. You love. I want. Where does he get around? Mario and start changing now. Now, it's three of them from fucking low. Hey, why don't? Nigger head tall. You look strong from your shoulders up man for the The fuck. fuck already. Come to you again. I come for you, again, if you're meringue again a man coming anyway young man, I think I think I'm older than you though. The one client about twenty one euros need respect. Oh. Anyone you're twenty one and you can tell you. I'm. I'm sure. Tell you until you can shortly to on. Are you one woman you sound short black woman with a Spanish night? I'm not I'm going through. About usual to. About my guy. Kinda got heated. Talk to me, don't respect short black women out there for that. If. Telling fibs is that you case smoke caught missed with this. Tell him again and crime. Isn't that? Going on. I guess he thinking got balls. But if that's his this shit's ridiculous, you an ink on a tree kissing that in rom. So what? At it. Almost ninety. Mario. But but I guess when Mario thirty seconds calls already wasted. Go ahead. Go ahead finish. Unreal. Fifty. Actually. So he says she got down by new down. Why there? One another. We're looking for that going. Last thing. I did was letting meal lick me down some UK. Yeah. Lick them down like a stamp now. I'm gonna use it. Because AJ said it that's your. That was last caller AJ settling down in verse. I'm use it against narrow govern bar for your our. 'cause I got beats made me find some be put a beat on. Mario. I really. That's what people were saying in the chat last time our own ever do it over a beat. But the last time we tried it over beat it sound like shit. Remember, nobody can hear it because I really got the beat. Anyway, though, like, they sent me new b but I ain't got it on board. So I wanna do with on any RV say a Khan, remember one thing, I said, the truth your soul phone might skid speak. Now you want to not my head off. He put hey, but I mean put him, but I don't believe this head should I worry about improve your Mike now going down the road, hands up, son. This is dangerous life. You don't want this injuries? It should've said that would arrive of sounded RV RV. I'm glad that you support the show with that. You know, the traffic are to have inli- He end. ended the woman how about signign. I mean, he sounds like a Roman. Don't give a fuck about. None of that ship. Even in the ring onto the whole fire engine are already. You was in the ring. You have before did you in miniature spa, you ain't spun them professional level professional, so he Konin got unaware about healing. Just two of of these coolant that smoke. You got to love Americans. You you like to you don't have to back it up with. But you talk. Get emotional and he shouts. We don't have to back you up with you. Don't you don't backup. We back. Never been in business and the names of dominant last time I checked excuse me. In the words dominate last time. I checked last time I checked nessa chairman board awards and definitive side of once you oh. Oh with two call outs already pick one. Which one? I'm ready. I'm ready. I'll even that you pick nets. I'll even let you. Even UP. I don't get involved in that. We'll do it fair and square. You know, you you you the Eisai..

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