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Without a quarterback trying to win in the NFL? Get to the next. It's the JK Show, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe Way she was with Christmas with that great, I'll get your wishes. If you have a hairy back, go to back pain dot com Say Bye bye to Harry backs this holiday season and give the gift of a back played 2.0 the number one d I y back. Shaver is the ultimate man grooming tools, Ditch the ugly Christmas sweater and get the perfect stocking stuffer available on Amazon or back. Played calm. Use promo code radio for 20% off. Way. Want to see it in a going tear the going differences now outgoing Kia of Madison Heights come in today for the Kia Command. The season events going here of Madison Heights is now open on 14. Miles just east of John. Our trust The galling difference going Kiev. Calm your kid destination Monday. It's a new episode of all Rise legal trauma where one judge is shaking up the system when I take the bench. I'm taking about to fight for justice. One case at a time. Your Honor. We're going to try. Several missing is judged Lola Carmichael up on that bench. Everything is Different. A new episode of all Rise Freedom is at stake. It's important, followed by a new episode of Bull Monday at 98, Central on CBS. People Everywhere Want answers, Critics are calling Stephen Colbert, the hottest late night host, Boom bombshell, A riveting watch What gripping television?.

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