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Secretary Thomas Moseley has offered his resignation ABC learning to defense secretary mark esper in the case that led to the removal of former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt captain Brad crozier mostly speaking to sailors after crozier was removed his intercom speech recorded ABC's Andy field has more from Washington first the acting navy secretary said he stood by every word of his speech to the Theodore Roosevelt crew when he called the now dismissed captain naive and stupid captain Brett cruiser and written to superiors about deadly conditions after crew members contracted the coronavirus weather lead to angering the president and the secretary now the secretary says he's sorry for the comments and is offered his resignation New York has led the nation in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus and hospitalizations now there are signs of a possible plateau but deaths are still on the rise governor Andrew Cuomo announced the worst day of death yet fifty four hundred eighty nine new Yorkers have lost their lives to this virus seven hundred thirty one is the largest single day increase in deaths but ICU admissions and into basins are down and the three day average of hospitalizations shows a flattening however not getting worse doesn't mean things are getting better Cuomo said social distancing measures must continue while hospitals work at breakneck speed to keep pace Erin cutters he ABC news New York other states seeing an uptick and health officials warn the nation could go through the worst week yet there are hot spots in several major cities like Detroit and Miami and now Washington DC Maryland governor Larry Hogan today early nine thousand cases in Maryland DC and Virginia and one hundred and eighty nine people have died in the national capital region in the past twenty four days governor Hogan says social distancing measures will remain in place and on Wall Street optimism of coronavirus healing driving stocks up again today you're listening to ABC news okay you know how it feels when you've saved enough for that long awaited home addition now imagine in addition on that edition that's the feeling with Capital One we're a new savings account earns an interest rate five times the national average that's right five times as represented by five times more singers.

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