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That she does is icon and the best album ever loss for life was not that and honeymoon had its moments but it was sort of a <hes> this this goes to the heights of ultra violence which i thought was her best album and it surpasses it. This is a beautiful album. <hes> it sounds great. <hes> it just feels personal in the way that we talked about taylor swift last week about how <hes> her songs are a bit like a douglas sirk melodrama. It's like it's not realistic. <hes> you get the sense of what she's trying to say <hes> but at no way does it feel personal or relatable. I mean this album. Does the fact that i love you is amazing. <hes> the opening track <hes> norman rockwell well <hes> california cinnamon girl a song <hes> with not the same as the print song. I assume it's not a cover. Can you believe it <hes> <hes>. It has the line like if you hold me without hurting me. You'll be the first whoever did which is such a chilling this from my diary. It was it is i also listen to this album with someone in new york that i am with how and it was very <hes> is it's very piercing to say the least so i i have gone through the gamut of emotions. Thanks a lot of delray and on on my flight back from new york. I listened to repeat. Oh my god i was about her when she came out. She was somebody who i don't. I don't wanna say dismissed by certain critics but was basic was pigeonholed as somebody buddy who has a kind of a woozy aesthetic always yes. I always say she somebody who seemed like she's recovering from a difficult nap l. performance. I felt it was the fact she's able to recovered from that performance and basically made a career out of that performance like this is who i yeah but what's interesting is is throughout the years. It's not like she ever really abandoned that feeling but she's injected it with so much more urgency what you're talking about here these lyrics that are specific pacific and <hes> commanding and i really applaud her for basically sticking to exactly who she is while advancing upon the idea of a friend described her as having performed instagram culture before other people were doing it and now the way very very what would it would have grown up on this kind of billy as you know. <hes> is still child. Yes <hes> she's on miss frizzle school bus right now. Thank you for you for your real life you for you know it's just that all all those things that she does now and the way that she's been presenting her music are how people present themselves on instagram and social media yeah just very over very mosul just very thing aloof but also just like <hes> sometimes <hes> like heart rendering a very fuck it was. It's just like opening like here. I am like opening so that was very freddie krueger of me but <hes> <hes> again we stand people who give us albums because again albums continue to be a dying art as much as we celebrate. I'll say we celebrate a new one every three months. Yes yes <hes>. This is an album that feels like an album. It feels like a moment. <hes> and i don't think we give her enough credit to for being just a fucking fantastic song writer yeah. She's fabulous so we have me wanting to check it out. As oprah would say that is a religious experience lot of del rey is sister. I never had the mother and the friend that everyone does breath. Don't know i go and continue doing what you do. Del rey mary the see uh-huh like she's somebody who's very like you know like she'll have an entire about how she died at the beach. You know whatever intrigue about her. I honestly you know would never wish on a del ray <hes> l. but i hope i'm still allowed to listen to her posthumous album. Oh yeah. I think we already have a couple of them. Yes yes her ghost writing to wear she's casper's at that's our show <hes> we will see you next week..

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