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Well said volley there goes our plan for getting allies to the engineer control room now i don't know said abigail we need to turn off these cameras so long as bonds could see what we're doing he's always going to be wants to behead of us i think we have to keep going with the plan fin hesitated he didn't like the idea of lies being that monster again wasn't sure whether allies in foggy could hang in there against the wild thing abigail saw the look in finn's is i know i'm worried about him too she said but foggy out smarter the wild things before and besides did you bike facing off against elias when he was that fuzzy alligator thing no said fan okay then i think he's going to be okay let's keep going with the plan abigail finnan volley ran into the kitchen of the mess hall which was really just a food prep room with a couple of refrigerators microwaves there was a door there that opened into the inner workings of the ship passed through into a cramped space the adult engineers had to stoop and duck as they walked around and adjusted the ship systems back here but the three kids could glide in but that doesn't mean their job was easy before them were dozens maybe even hundreds of buttons lights keyboards tiny screens displaying data that was gibberish to them come on said abigail look for something that says video or security or cameras or something like that volley and finn walked down the narrow hall and even they had to duck in some spaces there were huge fans blowing to keep everything cool making it hard to hear each other for the first time ever in his life on the marlow finn felt like he didn't belong somewhere this was a place that required a level of expertise he definitely did not have he felt the absence of his parents of all of the adults now more than he had says they i disappeared he allowed himself for just a moment to feel a little hopelessness finn was shocked when volley grabbed him by the shoulder what volley did you find it but folly just put his fingers to his lips and pointed up crawling on that low hanging ceiling or tiny nanno bonds creepy spidery looking robots the kind the engineers program sentence to the hard to reach spaces of the marlow inner work things to go in and repair they looked like little spider babies up there on the ceiling so what seven maybe they can help us i don't think they want to help us said volley luck several of the no box sparking they had tiny welding units us to solder wires and repair cracks in the ship's various nooks and crannies but fincanci right away the volley was right there was something menacing about the way the robots were sparking by they were ready to come down and get the explorers finland over abigail and put his finger to his lips but he could see she was already aware of the situation finnan volley stood still as they could for some reason little spider bots weren't coming down after them it was like they couldn't see them folly was the first to realize it he looked at abigail finn and pointed at the robots and that his eyes and then shook his head they didn't understand what he was saying so he pointed the robots again then pointed at his eyes again then made a big x with his arms in the air abba gail shrugged as it to say what are you talking about fale frustrated pointed at the robots than pointed at his is that put his hands up in circles around his eyes like he was looking through binoculars and shook his head crosses arms then an exaggerated manner he mouthed the words little robots no see abigail finally got it folly waved at them and they took down the narrow hallway still looking for a way to disable the campers they were like jungle cats moving so quietly they could've surprise a mouse if there are any aboard space station all the while three little spider bots seem to be following them but really the netto box had just fanned out trying to find the intruders and this trio of robots had just picked the same direction as the explorers fin abigail and volley glided down the hall looking back now and again at the spider bots following them the.

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