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The place your term i know you're listening to the psychedelic saloon where people are changing their lives one thought at a time it was interesting for me to hear how excited cairns was about the possibilities of virtual reality keep in mind that the stock was given back in 1990 six which is long before terrence had his first indepth experience of virtual reality at bruce neighbor's house what a shame that terrence only had one occasion in which to test vr as a way to conduct his workshops in the future had he lived longer i'm very sure that all of us would have experienced at least one mckenna workshop online that he was leading from his home in hawaii i also found it quite interesting to listen to some of terence's projections about how we would be living in the future for one thing that future is already here particularly the part about what is called artificial intelligence although i part ways from terence when he talks about the time wave i am in sync with his thinking about what could happen if our machines become cinch of course i'm not laying awake at night worrying about this and i hope that you have better things to worry about as well nonetheless well artificial intelligence is for real and if that is the field in which you are working well i hope that you remember that us humans actually do have a few good traits that uh might make it worthwhile to keep his around.

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