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Joe Bartlett seventeen w forty-sevens time right now. Let's get to the sports. The patriots beat Kansas City thirty seven thirty one in overtime. Rex Burkhead ran for a touchdown in overtime and the patriots go again to the Super Bowl. They'll face. The Rams Rams beat New Orleans twenty six twenty three in overtime to win the NFC championship. But there was a controversy at the end of regulation as the referees. Didn't call an obvious pass interference call. On the Rams it forced the saints to settle for a field goal. And here's the saints coach, Sean Payton, not happy at all. Obviously. It's a disappointing way to lose a game. Frustrating, you know, just getting off the phone with legal. The glue the call and that call puts it first and ten we're underneath replace. It's a game. Changing. Call game changing call islanders beat the Anaheim ducks three to nothing in the only local hockey game on the agenda. Right markets closed today for Martin Luther King junior holiday on Friday. The Dow added three hundred thirty six points. The NASDAQ was up seventy three the s&p close up thirty five and this is not going to help the budget situations around the tri-state area, New York, New jersey, a lot of people with money like millionaires who will pay a lot of taxes are leaving the millionaires. Triangle is shrinking a new report from wealth. X finds fifty seven hundred millionaires left the five boroughs Jersey City and Newark last year, thanks in part to new federal and state tax laws capping tax deductions at ten thousand that said the number of millionaires is growing nationwide and worldwide and almost a million of them still manage to live in the New York, New jersey area more than anywhere else in the world Alice Stockton. Seaney seven ten WRR. Well, you could wind up in jail. If you release a balloon in east Hampton, the Long Island town is moving to outlaw the intentional release of balloons penalties would range from a thousand dollar fine to fifteen days in jail down officials tell Newsday the ideas to discourage people from releasing the balloons, which are harmful to the environment and several luxury transportation companies in New York pushing back against the governor's plan to ban stretch limos the governor shared his idea this past week largely in response to that deadly. Limo crashes.

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