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This person's already decided what they're gonna do in our advice is essentially relevant but would would have been stay clear of this for a lot of reasons right right right by basically he is writing to us to ask for the analysis of asia canal assists what is going on here what is this woman up to that is she recruiting him to be part of a cover story to help change the narrative from the affair with the married guy or is she legitimately interested as the other half the question day or is there just the possibility that she's just like a nice person being nice to him yeah she could be friendly she could i mean she could just be friendly you know coaches are cando enthusiastic people who write whose basic responsibility is to motivate those around them to achieve their best and i had any experience with a coach at a seminal point in my life and vat really pushed to me he really pushed me to achieve are almost as well as i hope to do abide begin much better than i expected to do so it's possible that that motivational spirit you know certainly combined with the the religious relearn religious yasser deal which you know is also about people you know doing great things maybe she's just second nice wonderful th awful person who wants you to be happy and yet maybe there's no alterior interests there at all what do you think about that rob yes.

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