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University of Maryland and Bobby Chesney. Associate dean university of Texas law school sm- earlier remarks by Senator Marco Rubio The Senate majority. Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will, vote today on a resolution, opposing the question of US diplomats and. Other American, officials by a foreign government, the Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer sponsored legislation Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested he wants to interview Americans accused. By, Russia of, unspecified crimes and the White House says the President Trump is weighing the offer really today Republicans blocked to other resolutions, backing intelligence community findings that Russia interfered in two thousand sixteen election and calling for other responses to the. Meddling Meanwhile President Trump again tweeting about. This issue claiming that the fake news media pushing for a major confrontation between the US and Russia even a confrontation that could lead to war The president, also saying he looks forward to a. Second meeting, with the Russian President Vladimir, Putin meanwhile this from NBC news FBI director Christopher Wray suggesting that he has threatened to resign and push back. Against, President Trump's, recent, comments casting doubt on, Russian difference in the election race down with NBC nightly news anchor Lester Holt last night, at the Aspen security forum in Aspen Colorado This, runs about fifty minutes thank you everyone for being here and director Ray have a seat we got to spend a little time together in preparation I find director to be a man of a lot of passion very proud of the FBI the. People, at work under him and I want you, to know how important that is to us because at the end. Of the day we all depend on you and we depend on the work of the FBI, and, I just want to thank you for your willingness to sit, here.

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