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By Texas congressman Ship Roy during a House hearing about violence against Asian Americans are receiving strong backlash. CPS Energy is taking out a pricey loan to pay off the costs incurred during last month's winter storms and power outages so customers won't have to foot the bill and the list of stars continues to grow for Matthew Makana Hayes. Virtual benefit on Sunday to help Texans still struggling following that winter storm w Away I news time 5 53 now traffic and weather together from the W away I traffic center. We'll take a look at I 35 moving on that north. Downside from 14 to 16. Oh forts, five minute trip North found 35 16 04 to 11 03 should take you Another six minutes If you happen to see any traffic problems, called to one owes 75 26 so one Michael Scott NewsRadio 1200 W. Away I This report is sponsored by indeed dot com If you're looking to hire, think of indeed as your GPS With great tools like instant match and over 135 skills tests indeed helps you navigate the hiring process from start to finish. Learn more at indeed dot com slash credit. Lots of sunshine Today. Tomorrow and Sunday highs in the low seventy's Today Low seventies tomorrow for your first day of spring in the mid seventies on Sunday, it's 50 degrees. Later. It's your boy. Everything today March.

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