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Have another great. Our what's on your mind coming up? We're going to chat with somebody from the White House today a little bit about the way forward for President Trump will recap of the state of the union address out of Kennedy's. The deputy assistant to the president deputy director communications research and also talk about the nursing shortage in North Dakota where the expert from university of Mary looking forward to that got to get an update on North Dakota soybean council and their annual expo what's happening next week. So all that coming up on the program, we call what's on your mind before we do anything though. I don't know about you guys. But I look forward to our Chatsworth Kim, the flagpole guy. Right. He's the best. Jim the flight poor guy. Andy, flagpole guy dot com. There's a little feature force called the light. Liberty. In light of liberty. Love those. I'm Jim Mandy flagpole guy dot com and today, I share a light on liberty. There are many voices today suggesting who we are in of which direction we should go. May I suggest we listened to all sides carefully. But not make the mistake of not. Remembering of where we have been King Solomon suggested. There is nothing new under the sun human behaviors are often repeated and as Winston Churchill once quoted those that failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Our country is at a crossroads do we hold onto our founding where our constitution begins with we the people or do we accept more government control is other nations have gone man, I suggest we study our country's founding and this week, particularly, sir. Patrick Henry famously noted for his speech to the second Virginia convention in seventeen seventy five where he declared give me liberty or give me death delegate. Patrick, Henry understood individual liberty and government tyranny, he spoke against physical slavery slavery to government. In the form of taxation today..

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