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Hundred fifty pounds. He's really it's like three eighty and he's playing it about three seventy five. But I mean, he's he is a monster guy a plate. He played right tackle with forty nine. So I mean, and he was considered one of the top five right tackle, which were. Bella, check switches in flipped him, and you know, talking to the pan, and I talked about what it was like which into right tackle last year. And he was like man is like it's like, right and left handed. It was like like I've been doing this so long. It was so hard to do as you still did a better than most anybody. Take will. Yeah, I'm good. That's why you know, then by the way. But don't you clip them any becomes a fantastic love taco. Now. The raiders are noncommittal as where he's gonna play is Colt. Monogamy unless we don't know yet is Brown, but we don't know yet both of them have versatility. So that it's going to be ever whoever does the best job. They're gonna they're gonna put them there. And ran Parker will be wing. So I feel good. I could see Agassi, and I like Mark on the swing through by the way nothing level that Can Tho off a lot of. Opposing teams de lines. As far as when it comes to move in placing especially thirty short things that nature. So I think the right is really got a key piece that they were looking for an and of course, they're going to go through the draft ain't gonna build up through the draft another guy that they acquire that the raiders acquire was lamarcus. Join those unanimous two million lamarcus Joyner he is the former safety of the Los Angeles Rams who recently got their behinds kick and Super Bowl fifty three. But the season the Marcus Joyner play very well. I thought he was a even though he's a five nine inch type of sightsee, which if anybody knows me knows I'm not I'm never fan of short safeties of corners. But this guy really gets after it. He sees a lot of things with goes before it happens when it comes to opposing offenses. He worked really well the way Philip system he was very village in his job, and he gives he gives it gives it his all you look at what in that NS loaded secondary. When you had a keep to leave and Marcus Peters and Choi hills and guys like that. I mean, lamarcus Joyner really made his Mark in that loaded secondary. So for God like that to stand out a of the names that I mentioned to be on the raiders radar that really says a lot about his not only his work ethic. But a lot about his game. A lot about his talent as. Quick and help the raiders tremendously who needed help good Lord that they need help in that secondary. My God, you may get. What's the guy that was formerly in the secondary? I can't remember his ninety. We saw. Melvin or Gilchrist or but Gilchrist? Yeah. I believe you tire marks are lowering because he was getting burning them. Well, now that was Reggie Nelson. All bad. It was I remember the damn name. That's on that. He didn't even deserve. Atta's? Name mentioned on this show. Dammit. Call him tire more. That's what he should be called. Because he was getting burned every. The flip side, and I'm not talking about Reggie Reggie. It was time criminal move on. But. You know that secondary just by proxy if you get a pass rush, and they don't have to defend a receiver for an average of four seconds. Every pass play..

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