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Ubiquitous truth that marketers have made them out to be like it's weird because they almost feel like oh. You can't drive traffic without a funnel and in my opinion you need an excuse to have a funnel. It's not the default. In some of this might stem from the fact that you and i just served for customers of my anticipation i i know i. I definitely fish small pond than you do. But we've got professional services local services e commerce sas and those engagements when somebody's shopping for that type of service it takes time and it takes multiple touches and it takes multiple narratives and you want them to kind of self direct in a funnel doesn't allow for that a funnel a squeeze page per se. But i think funnels used squeeze pages as part of the kind of the scaffolding. I just don't think that our customers liked to be squeezed when they're shopping for especially hiring services. So the way that i'd i'd build the fork in the road is if you have something. That's an impulse. Something that can get a quick easy optin than a funnel starts to make sense but if you have something that's i don't use the term high ticket but longer sales cycle maybe higher end product or.

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