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Proves that if a simpleton like me can have turnkey business models that work genius like you will absolutely matt walk me through real quickly when you got your own personal oxy fresh did you start off with one technician you walk me through your growth process because obviously you have probably more than one now and so kind of kind of walk me through that a little bit yes so i had worked for a few years i was very fortunate to be able to see everything from the inside out most people don't have that luxury they see everything from the outside in and so when i got an opportunity i was able to take advantage of a resale so i'm a little bit unique in that i was able to buy an existing franchise out he was having some issues healthwise and so i was able to take advantage of that and be able to purchase that i'm in colorado this is the home state of offi fresh we've been sold out here for years so when that came to house able to purchase two territories at that time i assume basically his customer database and his acquit and all sorts of stuff and i was off for the racist day one now there were some challenging days there because i'm trying to take a underperforming franchise and really make it thrive so i had to spend the time as you're you're talking about i had to really engage with my employees i had to replace them employees jeez sometimes it's harder to to train bad habits and since that time you know what i over we're doing thirty jobs month and that's less than half of one technician can do so it was very underperforming the very next month i did over one hundred jobs and it was just because i use the systems that ocoee fresh told me utilizing my current customer base postcards making sure that my quotes are being called back in a manner where i can take advantage of those right as the owner of my business i can do a lot more things just by a little bit of effort then maybe the call center do they're gonna they're gonna go by what i tell them to do but i can do some extra things so you know just like you said it's not a plug and play and just sit back and watch the money come in you're gonna wanna put the effort and you're gonna wanna make sure that you know you're growing your business day today and you're going to get to a point where you are going to be able to step back and really enjoy or have multiple streams of income so for me it was really just diving into the details first and foremost nation my customers in the field are being taken care of a high level i've gone in tire year with multiple technicians and i got one bad review wow great one battery and that's thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs and that's just attention to detail and understanding that customers not only want the job done right but they also want a little bit of intention you're going to be going into their homes you're gonna be going into their buildings so make it worth your while and when you do that that's how you get those reviews that are so so help for growth i'm hearing you talk about this in in the way that understand it you're pretty big basketball player you like some basketball i'm actually very small okay okay five ten but pretty quick but pre quick i'll okay in you know how to sink three ball i could shoot the three volvo okay okay shoot it pre well well what i see a lot in working with a number of business owners across the country in and across north america is that entrepreneurship attracts business owners that were former athletes in because business can be seen a lot like sport and so.

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