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Came in. And he was performing any was singing singing for us or something? I mean bodies really the dead because what would the age difference? Proxima B, Bradley. Yeah. Twenty years. So. Could be. Why did Bradley's version of Jackson speak in the way that he does with that kind of deep draw think he'd just the decide do that that lip of heard Bradley big to quite a bit? But I'm not sure that him the one to speak to I think that he felt like because they were brothers issued have a similar tone in their voice. You can go. It wasn't gonna go that wasn't gonna be. Bullshit me. Right. But the other thing is is I think that he just he copied the voice. Now when he says to he's he says, you know in that again in that first scene where they're talking about the dad and their head to head. He says, you know, he's never had a voice, but you can fuck a right? Didn't have anything to say this to out the that's it's brutal. Brutal. New York Times review that you referred to earlier. They did have that one comment, but they fought it very quickly with the following quote in one of the finest scenes, Bobby just wordlessly drives away from Jack. And Mr. Elliot, let you see the ferocity of the brothers love, and they're paying in is that have begun to water in a stone face that will shatter close quote talk about that was gonna be one of the most emotionally demanding scenes. I don't know how many takes you just one. It's pretty to the first two where do you go mentally to seem like this? Yeah. And it was the end of that arc was in that beautiful art between the brothers that you know, it was really just mortar throughout this incredible tale. It was Gog on Bradley on that credible. Read. They went on all that brilliant music along the way all those other supporting people along the way. And it was just the final stages of that whole thing. I know, but we do get to see you again. Because somebody who I think you've maybe came to know as Stephanie right or maybe that I don't know. It sounds like that's how you referred to her lady Gaga where the scene basically at the end on the floor dealing with the picking up the pieces. What did you make of working with her again like share very unconventional performer? I would guess both in a fit like a newer. But it was from afar, it was until you know, we got to work in a hotel room when day NS are coming and going. Yeah. So I didn't really know her will. And that scene in the script was originally and redux clay. It was the dad come into comfort the daughter, which meant total sense story was that wrapped on the film. I rep the day that we did that Shane driveway. I got a text out of the blue. But a weekly. Ter- from Bradley. We texted a lot where we're doing film or prior to most of but during a little bit, including when I looked like you want to be able to exactly that was that was an awful period. When I didn't I really there was a moment when I said that can't do because the ranch was not gonna relationship they weren't gonna let me, and and they were going to cello and own it was that opening sequence that I started with that was my first day work magin how clear doing it in a parking lot at the Greek theater. How can just surrounded it with trailers? And people I walked in there men. I didn't know a soul. Good knew. There was Bradley barely knew Bradley, and there was fucking lady Gaga. But isn't that amazing how life I mean came that close? I don't know. How Bradley got help to finagle it? So that you didn't have mugger lectu, Royal tips. I'm not gonna let you go. The next day. The changes Gadul the ranch just know who got the ranch. Our Warner Brothers said the civil do lit..

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