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Have you ever felt like I was just going to keep going I felt like we had discussed all the big shift from my childhood. And you know, I was like, okay, thank you. You're validated a lot of what I've been feeling. I feel much better. I mean I still deal with those issues on the day, but I don't I just like diminishing returns of what I was doing in therapy. I felt like we kind of done the majority of the work. My therapy was fucked up dude. I was like you got molested. I was like ten ten eleven twelve and all my therapy consisted of was this dude like filming me playing with toys. So click the fuck. Am I doing here? What's going on? Oh my God. So what you said they thought you had Down syndrome. No. No, it's just some dude was videotaping me while I was playing with toys. I feel like you're not aware of what kind of therapy It Off. Like you told me talk sailor to get there like no, we're just trying to figure out if you're smart enough to qualify as a regular person, but it didn't help either blocks and they're like, okay, here's the evidence. He got six of them in the right holes. We gotta let him in at school. Yeah, I think what about you Sean? I went to church counselling probably I would say literally 30 to 35 times with 30 to 35 different marriage counselors because everytime me and my ex-wife would go they would tell her she was ninety-nine percent wrong and I was 99% off on everything and then she would say. Oh, that's because he's a man he agrees with you. So we went to like ten different guys, then we switched to a female and then the female said I was right she was wrong and then she's like, oh she's just in love with you would like so we end up going we're not going to like a seventy-five-year-old woman who was a Christian counselor super Christian lady very, Very like well spoken very just like your your grandma would be you know, and so we met with her for 30 minutes they call it..

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