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And so it was always like i was. I was in love with her bag. Then and just couldn't bring myself to get out of my dumbness. So that was like you know and then i would respond and say like how awesome she is and how much i care for and like. Oh my god. This is so much this is awesome and so like. It's not that hard to believe. That ashley was a little confused back. Then but yeah. That was cool. So i move. You'd be the one thousand nine hundred acres superman because one. I think it's a movie that females enjoy as well because it is like this christopher reeve one is not that hard to look at when he's in the blue suit my god what a stud and then also has that romance and that magical element that you know. A lot of people cannot get behind. Good answer dean. What about you. I think i've talked about this on the podcast. Awhile ago that killing and i tried to watch that movie acura the like the anime movie from the late eighties. And i'll be honest. I hadn't seen in a while. I remember loving it. When i was a kid a teenager and caitlyn and i tried watching it and i think she fell asleep like twenty minutes into it so i would say that movie because it was like a child lavars mine but it didn't really go over all that walford kaylin i so but then again like it's a great movie it just some slow moments in it and so like i can see why someone to fall asleep like there are moments where i was kind of even getting a little bored butts other than that i would say maybe like you all have these really great answers I would say maybe only gosh get out of here. sorry. I'm getting a phone call. I would say maybe a how to train. Your dragon is a really good one. Is there no movie. That i feel like you. It would be like two thousand one space odyssey. Something that like is crazy. I love interstellar and caitlin has set up a nice little like last year for my birthday. Kielland said if i go home. Theater in the spare bedroom and put on interstellar for us and we watch that on and it was really good again. It's another great movie but there is a semi slow moments. I think our attention spans are dwindling down every single year in the the plot development. If it doesn't happen fast enough we kind of get over it. But what about into the wild. The guy gets in a van and heads up to alaska find his corpse later. And yeah yeah..

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