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Would be in on that completely if I said, let's do it. And that guy right over there. That suddenly you did just like take all the pictures of food you want. That guy not Sam Elliott over there. I'm just going to say, who have you been compared to with the stash? There's a little monopoly Pasco collect 200. But it's thick. He needs a top hat and a monocle. Is that what you're saying? I wouldn't be mad about it. He looks like a narc. Upon first glance, which all dudes do the initial stash to face assessment, big fan. Thumbs up. You're getting two. Oh, ebert and roper. The one for Cisco in there too. I grew a stash out from November. Let's say maybe 5, 6 years ago. Gotta work out for you. I found out that if you have a stash and you look like this, you can't talk to kids. But I was in an elevator and this family was in there and this kid a little chubby kid. We're in a Dodgers hat and he was just in there just making all these fat noises, right? And I looked down on him and he was chowing down on a Kit Kat and he's staring at me and I go, that's a cool hat man. You like the Dodgers? His dad turns around and sees me with the stash and just pulls his getaway and I was like, dude, nothing malicious is happening. What's happening right now? First of all, he was flirting with me. I didn't even start this. But the stash, it's an interesting piece of real estate to maneuver through society. It is. It is a choice. God bless you. Definitely a choice. It's like trying to sign up from school. You get a lot of looks. I don't know the name of it. I don't know the name of the member. I don't know the name of the actor. I'm sorry. But because it just hit me, it just hit me, who you look like right now. The name of whoever played Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Oh, really? You don't have a second. That actor in heat. Had a mustache just like you. And you look like that guy in heat. Wow, thank you for not comparing me to the silence of the west. Well, I mean, you got a guy that sells Caesar salad candy canes out of his Hyundai Tucson. By the way, I saw that. They post disgusting. Holiday season. Take it easy. You do follow me on Instagram. Thank you. I posted that last night. I don't know how it wound up. Caesar

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