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Government and the economy at Bloomberg. Back with us now, our political contributors, Rick Davis of stone court capital and Genie Chan xeno of iona university. So I must say, Rick, I'm a little loath to spend too much time on the question of the integrity because I wonder if we're raising more questions about the integrity of elections just because we keep talking about it. Well, that certainly has been Donald Trump's strategy. So maybe we're playing into Donald Trump says, yeah, look, I mean, we have really safe elections. There's been no problems that have been documented in the 2020 elections. As of today, everything we're hearing is we've had really good elections again today. And the fact that we're even giving it this much airtime kind of lends some question as to whether or not we think we're going to have a problem. The reality is we do great elections here in this country. And the fact that some people have used it to basically try to gain political advantage because they're turning it into a political issue is a different issue entirely. People's votes were safe today. Everyone had a chance to vote, who wanted to vote. Votes are all going to get counted. And we're going to have results, even though it takes some time to get all this counting done. And the reality is, voters are telling us a story. There's historic turnout in 2018. Historic turnout in 2020. And today, we'll likely be historic turnout for this election. Voters think we're crazy because they trust elections. Well, one person who doesn't seem to be complaining with the election is Ron DeSantis, who's gotten reelected there. And we've now heard from Ron DeSantis. This is part of what he had to say about what he accomplished tonight. I have fought the

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