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This is daniel fidel. And you're listening to a and business podcasts. We're going to be speaking today about the future of chat. What is the role of man and machine in online conversation. Was that look like for the future of all businesses regardless of industry. We speak this week with someone who has a unique perspective on this topic robert. Low casio's the ceo of liveperson. Some of you have heard of liveperson. They're a publicly traded company. Robert founded them back in nineteen ninety five and they are now currently linked in have something like sixteen hundred employees around the world and speaks to about the evolution of the company from purely humans servicing other humans to where machines are starting to fit in. And how live person is building out different kinds of automations in different kinds of chat interfaces for different clients. The process is not magic. There is a lot of setup. there's a lot of nuance. And that's exactly my job to extract. What's possible what's working but robbery. Someone who gets to see the future in the cutting edge of customer service across industries in his perspective for that reason is valuable obviously robertson tough to get a hold of person as well as ceo of a publicly traded company. But we're lucky to have him here on the show. I do want to say if you like the show. You want support this program. It would mean the world if you could leave us. A review on apple podcast. You can go to apple podcast droplets five-star of you if you love what you're hearing here and let us know what you like to learn. Most what episodes really struck you. We try to fight really hard to get access to hard to access people to talk about cutting edge. Transient applications that you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere and it really is your feedback that helps to drive us every time we get a new podcast review. That's something that goes in front of my team for our monday meetings when we discuss her what we want to be building out for editorial. See your feedback really does matter and it helps to support the show. You can find a and business on apple podcasts. And simply drops review there. It would mean.

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