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The promo code larry here's mitch mcconnell on growing more doubt to me shirley avoided woman who and here's jeff sessions with all of your intentions that's exactly correct i thank you so very much i took the liberty of reviewing federal crimes against children particularly those dealing with sexual of physical abuse as you well know li kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson glory attack or these than in beverly young nelson these young women have accused of this individual judge moore who is running for a federal office the united states senate of child sexual activity do you believe these young women i have no reason to doubt these young women and with that in mind if you believe these young women do you believe judge more should be seated in the senate if he wins and what you introduce investigations by the doj regarding his actions we will endow evaluate every case as to whether or not it should be investigated this kind of case would normally be stake case our worksite representative on jackson lay that the are ethics people at the department of justice and i've talked to them about that when this campaign started it's the seat i used to hole they advise me that the attorney general should not be involved in this campaign i have anc rands in the campaign general i shed did anybody ever asked representatives sheila jacksonlee if she believed the allegations made by a why don't know when he the project who claims she was raped by bill clinton when he's general anybody ever ever ask her she believed the allegation that were made by paula jones recall hillary said that the lawsuit was without merit eventually was settled for eight hundred thousand dollars anybody ever asked sheila jacksonlee if she believed the allegations made by kathleen willie to claim that when she went to the white house as i just said rather than get alone he took her hand put it on his wrecked genitalia anybody ever ask her if she believed the allegations made by jennifer flowers who was dismissed as a saloon singer after she came forward with her longtime affair with bill clinton in a fair the he later on after calling her a liar admitted was true any brask who she beat the allegation aid by dolly kyle or dog how browning the texas tax lawyer who said after she came forward immediate relegation although said she.

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