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Racist yeah the every Justin Bieber the Rose Bowl may twenty ninth six going still Friday February fourteenth at noon at AXS dot com congratulations thank you so what listen Radha as you exit the stage just moments entirely yours you take it away good morning wonderful our congratulations and missing you played well thank you really did I miss you get everything right Tony George's morning traffic Tony what's going on well they're still working on this problem in the list the Listeria southbound side of the five three weeks before you get the Fletcher where there was an overturned car looks like actually took on a life full as well as the two right lanes remain shut down your drive effective at a Burbank as you're coming away from almost point of this app northbound side of the five is kind of tough there now coming away from the seven ten over towards the scene of the crash southbound say that too busy already for the one thirty four to the five southbound side of the one a one is a slow coming away from the one seven yes about barn but use either one of those options because both of those are accident free southbound side of the four or five is that busy right from victory Boulevard you'll see the lays out towards getting center and that improves heavy delays northbound on the four or five out of Hawthorne for the one of like the Santa Monica Boulevard and they've had it for the drive in Orange County eastbound side the ninety one is busy fans before the five freeway only to the fifty five we see something in the way let me down the traffic tip line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three and in my to brake lights westbound on anyone seen imperial highway and the fifty five freeway the traffic but a sponsored by seven California Edison seven California Edison wants to help you and your family stay safe around electricity if you see a downed wire in or near water or wet grass stay away the water.

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