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200 six a quake email that came in on disagreement day from a keough in albany oregon he says today you praise the us president for his made in america extravaganza at the white house and you seemed very pleased that you will be part of it next week i think this is being a hypocrite on your part how can you praise a man and or his display at the white house when he and his daughter have their wares all made overseas what's good for the goose is good for the gander i guess that doesn't imply instead his motto is do as i say not as i do and then shame on you any has about fifteen exclamation points okay look i i have i have made the same notice the same thing that president trump does not with his own product lines or ivanka trump for that matter have stuff that has only made in america we played a of a very funny excerpt of president trump selling his ties on the david letterman show were david letterman looked at the back of a ties has says here maiden china and trump immediately answered back yeah the finest ties i i could get anywhere made in china okay i i i do think that it's worth acknowledging that president trump has a different job right now that his main concern is not the manufacturer and marketing of his various branded products whose main concern is helping the united states economy and it should be and i think that as much as he can encourage manufacturing in this country he's not calling for a boycott of foreign goods he is not yet at least even calling for a trade war and i think that's good and to support the idea of bringing back good solid manufacturing jobs no it's a wonderful goal and i am very proud to support that goal and to be part of this effort at the white house next week let us go to your calls on disagreement day to paul and wooden ville washington you're on the medved show hello paul reiffel the nations of the world do not make their thing with her healthcare policy faith on what new york governor help about shooting down quote back in the 1940s nor neither at their enough charity care to go around nor is.

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