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Only true. See Andre. So he said he still had some friendship still have some relationships. But it was gone 12 years a long time, very different Senate, but he's gotta pick if you picked a couple of issues carefully start with the stimulus package. Everybody understands the government has to bail out small businesses kind of bailout renters who can't pay their rent. Everybody agrees that reducing the price of drugs is a very important imperative. People all over the world pay less for their drugs in Americans. Everybody agrees. It's a good idea to rebuild our bridges and tunnels right there. In New York City, there's so much crumbling infrastructure. It not only helps commerce but it provides jobs. I mean, there are ways in which you can see the possibility of bipartisan cooperation. But Trump's gonna make it very difficult because he's not going to go away and he continues to If he continues, his campaign is just gonna make life that much more difficult for Joe Biden. Our ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts. Always a pleasure to talk to you, Steve. Thanks a lot. Thanks. Steve. Legendary actor Franklin Gela joins us next as Our Thanksgiving Day Show continues on 7 10 WR I'm City Weightman. With your W O R traffic. We've got closures around Herald Square from Macy's Thanksgiving Day event. FDR Drive South bound by 79th Street with a crash lays back through the nineties north outside of FDR Drive. Into 106 Street also has an accident, knocking out one lane and South and West Side Highway as you approach 125th Street, One lane is locked up with a crash. Watch out for flooding on the BQE eastbound over by the Brooklyn Bridge eastbound Staten Island Expressway Clover Road with an accident. One lane is closed. Alternate side parking and meaty roles are suspended today for Thanksgiving. And Palisades Parkway..

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