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I'm Holly Anderson. Listen I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast avengers of college football podcast. It says in the script onto riff on what that means and and basically what I mean is this all every Tuesday. We talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college. College football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early. And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. Are we right here. All the kissed and SOLEX show episode one sixty four espionage simply coronation. Michael Kissed here with Benjamin Sollac Ben all right so we went to the eagles into report. We kinda talked about some of the giants. Well let's go through the full list here for the giants. Did Not Participate quarterback Corey Ballantyne with the back yet significant playing time last week of on not mistaken a offensive tackle. Mike remers who is the starter is in a concussion protocol. That could be that could be. Some remers is not good but the drop off his even worse there's a reason he's a starter. Hozat kid was backing them up with the long hair. I forget uh we. We ripped him on the last preview because remers had been out before that as well. So that's like that's bad for them. If you can't go limited participation quarterback Andre Baker's dealing with a knee quarterback Sam bill dealing with a shoulder so again they're banged up in the secondary. They're also bad linebacker. Lorenzo Carter with a knee tight end. Read the Ellison Concussion Offense tackled nick. Gates's at Nick Gates with a shoulder in Ronaldson has concussion. Yeah is he in our out. Whereas he's limited in either versus concussion Non Contact so I think he was. He was limited in practice but he wasn't clear for like contact. He's now for the last five weeks. They need Iraq bad yet. I do. They really really do LINEBACKER ALEC OBA tree with a back and look these linebackers for the giants. Like the difference between Ogle tree and the other one's isn't big but at least Ogle tree is athletic Vladic and may be can kinda run with guys so you know that's missing piece for them if he can't go tight end. Scott Simonson with concussion and then again like we talked about before Darius laden with the the knee would be big for them as well. Bend your takeaways from that Rice. I freaked out about the the real thing they lost ingram and right alison up. Basically the same time until he has a ton of cadence Smith and the thing about Canaan Smith is that he's not very good and so with with Smith Right. Now you have a player who looks like an in line tight end in terms of build and athleticism and then does not play Line tight end because all he's good receivers got soft hands But as a blocker he is sob average especially the NFL level. What does this mean the giants who were very heavy twelve personnel team with Ingram rum and ellison healthy and obviously at the time they're dealing with wide receiver injuries and suspension so that probably exacerbates things a little bit have now become a very heavy eleven personnel team? As as wide receivers have gotten healthier in Manhattan is unhealthy. This is a big deal because they when they want to go play action shot which typically once they get past their own thirty thirty thirty five thirty eight. They tried to dial up something deep they try to run out of twelve and just. It's not interesting because I'm not afraid of Scott Simonson. Are you afraid of time. I'm not afraid. Awesome and then also is that is that it's not like they have plus blockers anyway so you can go. Neutral box against them and expect Brandon Graham and Josh when Derek Barnett to beat Album Canaan Smith has gone Simonsen big deal now being neutral box can spark who's always scary because if you're neutral box and they win playside than you're asking your deep safety to fill against Barkley in space and Barclay wisdom nine out of ten times that's Riva big runs to Saquon. You saw how huge run against Washington was very similar sort of a situation but typically when and they've been running it with Barclay especially when Jones is in they run out of eleven. They run on a lighter personnel. Because they want package plays they want arpaio's they want glance they want all that stuff and they wanna run out of those lightboxes and be able to throw it into space if you try to bring numbers into the box and that's why we're if the eagles are GonNa go man coverage you're GonNa have to step slant golden tate on a volunteer matic's now it's also a nightmare situation. So I don't think they're gonNA run out of twelve eleven when they go twelve they're gonNA go play action shots out of there being less and less less than twelve which means that they either have manufactured the deep plays out of eleven which typically is like four verts or reverts. There's not a lot special yoga new lot special. Three deep is an issue for defense as you handle that But there's not a lot of creativity whereas when they run out of the twelve plex in shots. That's where you get some of the cool designs from Pat Shurmur and Mike Mike Shula where you get these these. These routes break off fifteen eighteen yards down the field after you've already decided it's going to be decided vertically playing over the top all of a sudden there's a late break on on a platform shot that trickier stuff falls away when they lose twelve personnel and it becomes much more quick game passing too deep shots outside of the numbers if we read man coverage pre-snap so that's what that passing offense is GonNa Build. It's going to build a quick release time flies. The pass rush eleven personnel spread and run the ball spread into six and seven million boxes and then in in the event that we get one Outside that's will take our deep shot selectively but we're not going to be a scheme them up as easily so this. The effect of the giants losing their tight ends they played unless twelve personnel in this past game against Washington. Then they had an any game so far this season now again. Part of it has to do with injury. Part of that has to do with Washington's Russians injury Washington was down like three corners in this game so why not get forty three receivers on the field why NOCCO for wide spread out those those young corners. Here's The Philadelphia divers out. Oh you're you're you lose a similar theory and ideology here in terms of. Let's spread them out with three. Four wide receivers. Let's get cody lamb out onto the field. Whatever and is what allows you to attack attack those corners on isolated one on one situation? So when you get spread three wide four wives to typically Shurmur offense. You'RE GONNA try to play zone added again that's going to have to solution Rallying tackle rallying tackle tackle some of the game. If you could make Jones play like Eli. That's Great Jones GonNa take those enemy deep. Shot Zone that that's where it's covered. It's your guys against their guys. Philadelphia's going to struggle in those situations there's GonNa be a lot of invert to as well because Philadelphia likes actually. Get some pulse. One in the box gym shorts on allows them to disguise. Middle Field. Open has metal field closed which can ruin us. Jones pre snap checks the other thing. That's really cool that the giants have been doing out of the spread out of this eleven with with with Jones in. They it into manning if I ask you Mike Right now off the cuff. Daniel Jones is worst trait coming out of college that he's shown so far in New York. What would you say processing? After the I read read I agree with you. I would say pocket management could. That's why I like. I agree with you. That's been out of the filming problem right to me. Pocket management is biggest issue due to stash in the pocket. He's bag ball scary. It is the sound like anybody else really has no good awareness for the blitz NOG- awareness for taxes getting beat. He does not adjust in the pocket. The giants have accounted for this. I think maybe I'm totally wrong. More forty five degrees sets and jumps sets from tackles wider fans from their guards. They even might have have wider split. But what does this do. Whatever the shotgun it just means there's just objectively more space when the tackle loses to the edge which happens a lot? The bad tackles. They told US given up like forty-one pressures this year. Fifteen eighteen million dollars when this happens. There's more time there's more space. There's more room for Jones mentally to figure it out physically to get out of the way and I really like that The disadvantage managed. You have with that is it is it it can make tricky to run your your RPO stuff number one you have to get into these these shallow path sets quickly. You GotTa Get out your stance you can key run pastel little bit as well with tackles. Aren't there stands with the splits. A little bit might be making that up. I didn't check it but I felt like it was true so I like that. They're finding that out for their five-man protections. I think it's a really smart smart way of dealing with Jones's issues in the short term inside. Stunts Corner blitzes. If you're going to get a jump set from tackle spike inside of the gap on the snap vinny curry. That's vinny curry and Brandon Graham of the most accessible. So you're going to want to be able to send five and instead of saying the mill you want to be able to send it off the edge so that when those happen happen guards have that hard outside set you immediately come inside of it can get really quick interior pressure. They're hard to escape quick interior pressure and like I said Vinny Curry tends to be the best of that for Philadelphia So that'd that'd be my response to that protection. Check that the giants are using there are there are a few things from the Washington game that I was worried about and I put a couple of them on the time line just something that thing. The Eagles could struggle with number one. The the fake tunnel that the giants ran for the first touchdown. So you've got trips to the left and Aaron that will tunnel fake and it looks like the number two this the guy inside is going to go block the outside quarter as you would on a tunnel screen and he ends up shooting up the sideline for fade. So you know he was young cors aggressive might get a might get caught sniffing around get caught like Washington on that one the problem with that to his you put Barkley out there and the giants got a fifty one yard gain in the second can half on a tunnel screen with Barclay out wide. You know you have to come up in and make sure you have that contained because with a healthy Barkley. He's going to burn you so that's something to look for in this this game and then the other one I kind of alluded to it before getting involved in the downfield passing game he had a touchdown in quarter two on a bus route. That seem route from out out from the backfield where you clear out vertical and the new get Barkley coming behind that up the seem inside of the numbers. That's something that the eagles busted against when they played Chicago when David Montgomery went up the same and we were still trying to figure out who budget on that. I think the eagles are too. But that's something that gives me concern his Barkley in the downfield passing game. The one thing I did like and I also put this on the time line. Washington ran a double reverse pass with Kelvin Hormann. That puppy was wide..

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