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Straight as a majority what will show new stock of tonight I three WBT let's head on over to Mike Doyle in the newsroom sorry Mike for that power sharks are American Airlines Charlotte's primary passenger air carriers cutting thousands of jobs because of the outbreak which is it dealt a severe blow to the industry company reportedly informed employees yesterday that it's reducing management administrative staff by thirty percent or about five thousand of the roughly seventeen thousand positions in those areas of the company CLT is the airlines second largest top and about the letter thousand workers are employed in Charlotte Winthrop university releasing new details about its future during the pandemic Juggalos B. reports looks like want to be a risky buying into the same model as a number of other schools for the next semester classes to begin on August the twenty fourth Labor Day classes will be held October sixteenth the fall break canceled classes will be held on November twenty fourth face to face instruction will end and after that classes will be done on a remote basis no decision yet on what happens for the next semester Juggalos B. W. B. two nation North Carolina gun runner has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges federal authorities say thirty seven year old Billy Shaw junior around a pipeline for firearms to dozens of out of state buyers he became a focus of Innovest to Gators after some of those guns were used in crimes of the Washington DC area that is brought you by diamonds direct back open five years zero interest financing on any purchase of no money down he had to delay or postpone that special occasion in recent months diamonds direct on Sharon road can help news talk eleven ten ninety nine three W. B. T. traffic now here's boomer Vaughn can't Hey thank you bye could rock hill delves clearing I seventy seven north bound at exit seventy nine Dave Lyle Boulevard just a bit of residual delays that would lake Norman we have an incident north bound seventy seven just before exit thirty Davison that's taken up the left lane highway patrol at highway assistance are on scene but just merge right make you way northbound seventy seven before exit thirty Davis have a collision W. T. Harris Boulevard at university city Boulevard to the east on Galleria Boulevard at Sardou's road north and Albemarle road at.

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