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But it was kind of what was the point like body so proud of orange mini cooper having rose red mine's read damn straight on a bit like that yeah we have one benching why did he call it that well he put a full on car engine on a gutu like oh clark now he turned the car into yeah he went back yeah that's what i'm saying car engine on a go kart frame right now let me see the pictures he groups like a long reign the honda civic honda civics engine right it's still a civic chassis is that what you're saying never mind the bone the portrayals are here it's that thing yeah the metal yeah i don't know the whole thing he made it so he made the whole thing painted orange got it when did you become a car expert too that's amazing so anyways gives me in the chassis because i think that's still the front end of the civic ninety way he got hit by a pontiac and he was he jetted i was yet a stop or something no he was on the highway in the knee he lost control it somehow unlike you went into the oncoming traffic and then climbing hit him and shit food him out of the this ever roll cage i can't really tell from this angle roll case you wouldn't find that would have helped you gotta check it out of his chair that's john carr drivers night they're both straps cpl's my mom my mom is all you have to buy american because a method could kill the the asian car yeah the reporting that if he was in the regular honda civic a he could've totally survived that but no but that's not as fun will he made this car and he was like ask car though.

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