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Dirt but he knew he was going to throw another change of you just want to be able to shake right anytime you could put the phone on the little blind a little thought of that when I say about thank you we get a dry I'm too that's exactly right over to the pitcher have a plan but don't be thinking about too many thing already that's that's where they get that little mini brain clogged up Calhoun at the plate no score first inning fast ball Ian eighty nine ninety on the fastball but we've seen lately especially that fastball actually trends up during a game which is a good sign missing several games lately even as he's given up some runs or Daniel Norris's gotten more swings and misses last thirty three innings covering six starts eight walks thirty two strikeouts to pretty nice mix strikeouts to walks in basically a struck out in innings the two swinging a tap found you start seeing a young pitcher who is trying to get back to where he knows he can be in terms of talent level and performance museum get to three strikeouts for every walk four to one strikeout to walk so that those those are just the little signs that a real positives for Daniel Norris is even as the overall numbers don't wow you at this moment right but they're trending up the right way sure all lefty are left in this match up the two one swing into power for good slider down in the strike zone get it eighty four that's kind of an off beat I like it read Oscars doesn't mind putting Calhoun in the line up against a lefty didn't hit lefties last year the year before news actually awful last year that he started five for thirty six against lefties this year that's when we saw him in Detroit but now he's hitting lefties for average in for power since we last saw the angels especially for power yes ten home runs one hundred and ten at bats against lefties for Calhoun coming in and that's probably the the biggest thing for the angels as they look at his improvements this year a three for five with a home run off of Norris time Tigers shift three.

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