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Fair the president's mindset the british theresa may's tariffs on justified disappointing her before just introducing told the national security and i think there are disagreements he's sticking to his guns but he's been talk talk to them communication the lines are open the negotiations are ongoing now at the presidential level but at the trade level again with embassador lighthizer and commerce secretary wilbur ross and treasury secretary steve mnuchin is tux the best remedy here we have different points of view in some cases in some cases they're tactical questions my view we can get through this we have in the past tensions with stalwart allies not paul there's always tension about something there's always tension about something last one read the president's worth he invest week best economy and jobs ever but unemployment is you know there's a good story to tell unemployment is not an all time low gdp growth his not at an all time high so while the economy's doing well how should we read the president's words is it hyperbole should we not take him literally it's factual but in fact the three point eight percent unemployment rate is among the lowest on record among correct percent in nineteen fifty three so it's not the highest ever so it is perfectly he's stating facts the facts stand on their own i'm not going to quibble with you about such things regarding three percent growth i every communist on the other side of the aisle and their friends of mine many good friends of mine said three percent growth couldn't be cheap we couldn't do better than one to two we are now moving into three percents on that is a huge achievement the president's policies again pro growth policies lower taxes lower regulations taking the handcuffs off business town people to be as entrepreneurial risktaking as they properly can providing confidence these things have added up to a tremendous transformation of the economy which in my judgment is only just beginning so it's a factual statement let me just say thank you you've been listening to white house national economic council director larry cudlow speaking from the briefing room at the white house updating reporters giving them a preview of.

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