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And wellness every day. And there's a relationship between the care institute and young living and I know you know some of that story personally. I think a lot of the young living listeners would really enjoy hearing that. It's such a beautiful story. So as you might know, because you've seen Gary speak. He's very, very intuitive in the way he approaches his use of oils, his understanding of oils, how he found oils out there in God's garden. And when he would go out and teach people how to use the oils, he started with this raindrop technique. Since he was so intuitive every time he taught people how to do it, it was different. Every single time it was different because he would tap into what that person needed for their body at the time. And so down in Dallas in 1999, doctor David Stewart and his wife Lee, were there at one of the trainings. And they noticed that he did the raindrop two times in a row exactly the same. So it sparked an interest in them to standardize the education of essential oils in this country. And so that's how they founded care. And in the beginning, Mary and Gary were working with David and Lee Stewart to found that institute. And then they kind of separated, but it was always a great relationship working forward. Yeah. There was a lot of love there absolutely. So you can see. So many not just young living members, but aromatherapist or just laypeople who wanted to understand more about, wow, how do these oils really work? And how can I use them most effectively would go through those classes or those trainings and learn so much and build so much confidence and then be able to turn around and help other people with their oils. It was really such a movement that we owe a lot, I think to the care practice and the work that was done during that time. And you're absolutely right. And you really touched on a great point and that is giving, especially moms with new babies. They're very, very sensitive to what they're putting on their baby's body. So when you go through a care training, you really develop that confidence that you're using them safely and effectively the essential oils. So Debbie, you've been a chiropractor for three decades. That is a very long time. I'm curious what got you interested in pursuing that career and when did oils become a part of that journey and when did that practice start becoming combined for you? So as a child, I was always really sick. I had asthma, food allergies, animal allergies, migraine headaches, and skin rashes. Who knows? Where they all came from. But my parents kind of did the traditional medical route. And I just was never getting better. And so by the time I was 16, my dad, who was an electrician, was doing the electrical wiring on a chiropractic office. He did not even know what a chiropractor was. But he knew that it was some kind of doctor because he saw the x-ray view box and the blood pressure cuff and the reflex hammer. And so they started to have a conversation about me. And they actually bartered for my care. Now I never had back pain, but I was not able to live to my fullest potential and quite honestly at 16. I was watching my Friends being able to do things that I was not allowed to do because my parents were afraid I'd go away on a girl scout camp as an example. And go into a full blown asthma attack. So I went through a course of care, and this chiropractor taught me how to use nutrition and reflex points. And he adjusted my spine and after about a few months, I really started to feel better. And as I got older thinking about what I wanted to do in life, I always remembered that because I thought, what if my parents would have known about chiropractic when I was a baby? How many years of suffering could I have prevented in my body just by having that information? And so that's one of the reasons why I became a chiropractor. And then the doula on top of that because I really want to help mommies. You know, ideally, and you know this is a dual if we can get to those mommies before they get pregnant and really build their health up from the inside out, then that baby has a better environment to grow and develop in, but for sure if we can if we can get that baby when they're tiny and make sure that their bodies are aligned properly and that mommy knows about nutrition, things like that. Then they certainly have a better chance at living a fulfilling and healthy life. Yeah, I think a lot of listeners are thinking, well, you can do chiropracty on a baby. What does that even look like? You know, that's not. You don't hear about that very often, but it sounds like you work on a lot of babies. I do. I work on a lot of babies. I attend a lot of births. I'm so blessed and honored to be there when that baby is brought into the world. And I adjust them within an hour of their lives. Because you know, also being a doula. I just love that we have that in common. Even though the most awesome births can be traumatic on mommy and baby, there's a lot going on. There's a lot of stretching of body tissues and things like that. So things can be pushed out of alignment in mommy and babies. So there are some really wonderful gentle chiropractic techniques out there that you can use right on newborns. So as a chiropractor, you also incorporate essential oils with your care a.

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