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It's uses symbol myth archetype dream images and so forth to convey to us what our adult ego form is. So i've had several selling counters in my life but my the first one is always the most profound one for everybody and my first one was at on my fourth day of my first vision fast in which Long story incredibly briefly. The i had a conversation with a spruce tree that had become a zen monk by the fourth day and It introduced me to butterfly that a literal physical butterfly that flew towards me. Brush the left side of my face went by. And i heard in english the butterfly saying cocoon weaver. So this was I had no idea what happened to me in the moment but This idea of weaving cocoons. It became clear to me. This was an image by my first myth poetic image. That would help me understand when i was born to do but i want to emphasize here that a sullen kunr is not primarily information. Said like you get. I got this information. Okay bill what you need to go out into the world and weave cocoons. Whatever that means like the tablets come back with tablets with written written text on them. Yeah i had some written text but yeah but the what assoc counter primarily does is like being struck by lightning in his starts some l. chemical process in which our egos start getting shape shifted. And that's the fourth phase. The phase called metamorphosis. And that's when the solid counter the vision starts doing its work on our ego and it takes for most people several months where the adolescent ego is reached fashioned reshaped into an adult ego just like for the caterpillar awhile to go from caterpillar soup to a butterfly body and those imaginable cells. Turn out to the architects and they can take the recyclable materials of caterpillar of a former caterpillar. and turn it into a completely different creature with wings that's phase for metamorphosis and then the fifth phase for the caterpillar cocoon breaks open or the butterfly. Moth breaks out of the corner of the christmas. And it can't fly at its wings are so new. They can't fly so it just sits on a branch where the cocoon had been and it has to pump fluid through those new wings and then it has to slowly start to flap them and learn how to fly wings and only then can it fly so the fifth phase for humans. We call enactment when a person who's gone through their ego has gone through. A metamorphosis begins to show up in the world as their mithra poetic identity. But this is even before they're capable of serving anybody or bringing the gift to the world so that's the next face and then sometime after that a person is thrown by mystery from the cocoon into the first stage of adulthood which i call the soul apprentice at the wellspring. And that's when we look for summoned to study with to learn a delivery system that will be an effective way to embody their mitha poetic identity for me. It was To lead teachers. Stephen foster and meredith little of the school of law supporters in california. Who have been for some years. Reintroducing.

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