Kcbs, Howard Schultz, President Trump discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


Advocates including pastor Danny Sanchez who works with young gang members. It breaks my heart to have to be up here in share that we need we do need a way to curb the violence is center three. This isn't San Jose council will consider the rules in the coming weeks since San Jose market Schaefer KCBS police in Fremont report, a surge in car break ins in store parking lots. There have been more than three hundred in the last six weeks. Officers have arrested eleven suspects in eight days. Most review. Only one was from Fremont. Police have added patrols at shopping centers. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rejects the idea that he could be an election spoiler for those hoping to to defeat President Trump and twenty twenty KCBS has making goals be reports from shelters appearance last night in San Francisco and appearance at the Commonwealth club of California Schultz was asked by an audience member if his potential presence in the next presidential election would only hurt Democrats chances of winning Donald Trump runs against a far left leaning democrat the chances of him getting reelected in my view are pretty high. And I don't want to see that happen. And I want to see Donald Trump fired. Basically Howard Schultz is making an advertisement for himself KCBS and chronicle insider film matere presenting himself as the man in the middle the person that can win possibly Ohio, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, those key states that actually wind up. Citing a presidential election because much as California voters may want. Someone like Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris to shake things up, but winning the presidency requires crossing over to those Midland states in the heart of America. Don't really to the left and aren't really to the right, but somehow feel more uncomfortable with the left and they do the right making gold, speak KCBS. Former President Obama was in Oakland yesterday to discuss ways to empower young men of color KCBS. Carrie Hodousek reports from a town hall meeting..

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