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So there's another example Jaanus Jackie. I don't know what they can do about it. They're stuck in the for six more years. They are. But we've talked we've seen possible revisions before. And I think. I think what the NBA wanted to do in a roundabout way was to squelch the growing power of the player, and it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen. You know, the other day when in Tonio Brown on his latest bizarre. Instagram rant while he's on his exercise machine. All I thought of was boy does he have NBA envy, doesn't he thinks? He's in the NBA. He thinks he can should be wary goes, right? And and so the NBA is unique in this in the in the power that the players have amassed. And if I'm an MBA player going up to LeBron James, and I'm going to thank him for it. Because he's the one that started us all on this. And that's a great compliment to him and to the empowerment of the player, and so the Tonio Brown, he he met with the owner of the Steelers not to turn the NFL podcast they met and they took a photo which other like with their arms Ryan to other smile. Right. Right. And they said great meeting. We we all decided we're going to move on. Could you imagine like Anthony Davis tweeting tomorrow him in with Dale and gale bents arm-in-arm going? We had a great meeting, and we're all just going to move on. I don't know if that's going to be a trend. Well, and he. He'd have to be you have to use his right arm because that left shoulder really hurting right now. I don't know when this what's going to happen between now when this pod comes out, but I expecting a change to the Anthony Davis plan going forward. It is untenable. It's I mean, I was there when he suffered that gruesome bruise of the shoulder and had to leave midway through the second half with his agent, and you know, for the way gentry's come blindsided, and you know, kitschy is Chile coaches there is in the NBA and he's just had enough. And it's just it's it's it's just nobody's winning with Anthony Davis continue to play with the pelicans right now. What are you going to do? That's we Tim them or nothing. I mean, that's just it's the pelicans dependents have the right to do. What's in the best interest of their franchise right now agree Agree with that? with that franchise is look, hey, we didn't ask for you make trade public midway through this season. When you've had a full year and a half left in a contract is become a situation haven't anything Davis round as great as he is. It's just a daily massive distraction suck seven she added. The team. They have the right to do with the best. Now, maybe they have to pay him fine. If it's best the franchise to say, hey, you know, go train under oath for the rest of the season. I we're gonna we're gonna play with the guys want to be here. They should have that. Right. And the MD it will hold on this matter. It'll end up being to go she aided that it doesn't look like they're folding, but they were fold. They have to have. Yeah. Although an atom just a bad. Look, it's a bad look for the league. Boy, it's a bad. This is the whole. Yeah. It's just bad. Last year was terrible flee. But guess what? Nobody's I mean. It's not like it's had a long-term dent on his image. He's playing well for Toronto. Nobody's really talking about the Spurs stuff anymore. Yeah. But we're still still grey areas. What that injury was. I mean, he I think he was legitimately hurt. I don't know if he was hurting not to play for sixty games or seventy games. But you know, he was injured. You don't make something like that. Why? Why would you do that? Right. I I'm a little desensitize. And maybe this maybe I've gotta make a adjustment to the way. I look at things, for example, this Tim Donaghy story that Scott Edens of from our staff posted yesterday..

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