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Years twice for thirty dollars tabs we bought ourselves about a decade of lower car tabs but recent years state local governments especially found transit radically increased our taxes this time he's pushing an initiative to the legislature which means he has until the end of the year to get the more than one hundred and fifty thousand signatures he still needs a reduction in car tab fees would most dramatically hit sound transit and at a time when they have major expansion projects throughout the region we've reached out to king county executive dow constantine a member of the sound transit board but have not heard back jeff pohjola komo news the city of seattle says no to a two hundred fifty thousand dollar claim filed by the jewish cemetery board komo's lamonica peter's reports the board believes the city should pay for damages to the property caused by homeless people in that area stadium seattle says it won't pay and this is how it responded to the jewish cemetery boards claim for damages under the public duty doctrine this city is general really not liable for the criminal acts of third parties that you identify based on the city's understanding of the facts none of the exceptions to the public duty doctrine apply here but after years of cleaning up trash needles and vandalism the jewish cemetery board says the city should do more to put a stop to it they're also coming in here at night to hang out they throw their garbage over the fence they throw their waste over the fence they're running drugs out of there they're doing drug deals here there's prostitution going on here hoffman also says he requested that the parking hours near the cemetery be changed back in may council member deborah warez agreed to the request in a letter but the signs are still the same we to change this whole block here to to our parking now that their claim has been denied by the city hoffmann says they may file a class action lawsuit we know there's other cemeteries i've been contacted by them this other organizations businesses there's other personal residences that have all been affected by this and can prove the city's letter also said that they're working to address the homeless crisis but clearly this is an issue that won't be solved overnight in north seattle lamonica peter's komo news komo news time eight ten bottom of the third at safeco field right now the colorado rockies lead the mariners three to nothing with more proof winning equals job security at least most of the time here's tom glasgow well with his team playing terrific baseball this season mariners general manager jerry dipoto gets a multi year contract extension to stay in his role dipoto surly very happy with the way his team is playing and what they have meant to his success and the city we have now put twenty five players in place who i believe trust the manager trust the general manager trust the organization around them and to your question trust is a big word i hopefully we've earned that with our players and we're starting to earn that with our terrific matchup today between belgium and brazil in the the world cup.

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