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The things that happened to Roscoe are buckle his loss of his studio contract. The dragging of his name in the press, his inability to return to his previous life of luxury in creative freedom after his acquittal is sort of a quivalent to the stuff that's happening now to the Harvey Weinstein's Louis c. k. is and other men who have been accused of variety of sex crimes with the crucial difference that are buckle actually had trials was acquitted and still was denied full redemption. Today we seem as a society to be unsure what the correct punishment is for men who have abused their power, but haven't or can't be tried for their alleged crimes. But we seem to have agreed that it's best for everyone. If they just go away in this climate, the arbuckle case becomes even more complicated in an era in which mainstream culture is suddenly oath. Open to talking about the fact that most women don't have an incentive to make up rape allegations, and instead have for decades been scared off from telling their stories and or have not been believed. It seems like it's the right time to interrogate the old narrative that fatty arbuckle was completely innocent and railroaded for a crime he didn't commit. The problem is this all happened almost one hundred years ago and there is no new evidence to examine you. Don't wanna let the present day lens skew your vision of the past to the point that you accuse an innocent man of a crime that he was tried three times four and ultimately acquitted that said, looking at this case for the first time in detail in over a decade. I'm less sure what happened in that hotel room. Then I've ever been on the one hand, there were many witnesses for the defense. Who testified to Virginia's history of bladder problems. The Kenneth anger implication that Virginia was raped with a bottle was a nod original. It had appeared I in a nineteen thirty one article in time magazine, and then again in a pulpy paperback about arbuckle published in nineteen sixty two and be not backed up by any physical evidence, but our buckle lied many times in the immediate aftermath of the party. And there were certainly no witnesses who shared his version of events in the hotel room plus most defenses of our buckle that would emerge in the decades after Virginia's death involved. Some kind of impugning her character such as angers contention that she spread crabs too many men around the Senate studio, which even if she did wouldn't have been reason to fumigate the lots Minta Durfee. He gave a lot of interviews in the sixties and seventies, and she doubled down on claims that Virginia was infected with v d defending her ex husband, supposed innocence by insisting that Virginia was a dirty girl who deserved to die. Durfee also spread rumors that mod Delmonte was a prostitute or a Madam rumors which have been accepted. As fact by even reputable riders. Despite there being no evidence of vendor Fay's gossip. As a parent as it is that Justice was perverted by an out of control media and by Hollywood's decision to scapegoat. One man in order to prevent the collapse of their business. It's equally apparent that no one really knows what happened to Fergie near rap, hey, other Virginia Rappe pay and her reputation was unfairly maligned. Both during our buckles trials and for decades after. But it's become difficult for me to buy simplistic version of the story. The contends that the dead woman and the female witnesses who testified against our buckle or telling lies in order to bring down a powerful man. Maybe there were nothing but victims in the arbuckle case. 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