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Right right. It's drops off. And you know, so like it's so amazing to me how people I mean you don't have to hire a coach. You don't have to go to therapy right away. Like there's so many resources out there that are free especially on in the online world like YouTube and podcasting and you know, there's so many great shows out there that are just giving value and opportunities of people coming out and saying hey I I used to be this way and then I educated myself cuz it's all about education and awareness. So and then this is where I am. So it gives people a lot of hope that is correct because they're not giving it from the TV box for sure. Well, I guess you could say that again, you know, I have a lead program that's really a gear it towards children, but I've you utilize it myself and it's lead and that's how to be a good leaders and the acronym for leaders birth. Listen education ambition and determination and so you have to have all four of those things in order to be a good leader in order to be a great leader in order to be a powerful and you have to apply those things. You know, it's funny cuz I have a one of my guys have some amazing grandchildren but one in particular every time I say something like he hangs on it and then he'll flip phone flip it on me. And so I asked him I said DeAndre knowledge is power and he said no new applied knowledge is power, which is correct because you had a black. Yes, and he's nine wait or is he can I want to get it right? Cuz I don't want you know him, but he said no no because that's what I told him and that's what I've instilled in him. So he was like no no. No, I applied knowledge is power and that's correct. So one thing that I want to take away from people that bring me on and have me, you know, speak at their different events wage. I don't want to just inspire people. I'm just not inspirational. I want you to go from inspiration to implementation. Like I want you to take my words my work my journey my my trials and tribulations all my stumbling blocks and I want you to move forward and overcome those obstacles and turn them into Stepping Stones implement it into your life because just me, you know babbling for like 30 to 45 minutes and then you listen to it and you may get a little spark. No, no. No, I want you to detonate and I want I want you to really just set yourself on fire become a New York a more defined more better you and then make the changes so that you can be a satisfied and fulfilled you right and that's where you know the way that you treat other people the way that you see yourself like happy. That's how you can have a satisfying fulfilled life. Like there's so many things that we can change in in Implement into our life. If we were willing to listen and then work, oh my gosh, you have no idea the dismantling I've had to do for myself. It is not an easy journey and it's still off. I just said this to my daughter today. It's not like I wake up on Sundays and decide I'm going to be inspirational. I'm going to be positive. I'm going to be this and then it carries me through the week. Nope wage is like minute by minute hour by hour second-by-second. Like I'm faced with a lot of different obstacles mostly from my own mind. You know, let's just you know. Usually that's where it all starts from. So having just the determination to decide every single second and minute know I'm going to be better. I'm not going to do this. I'm going to do that. It makes just a world of difference, you know, where a difference in your life. Yeah, and it's just like little tiny tweaks. So it's like if somebody came and and they said I needed to learn this about myself or even like uncovering some crackers or a really like just I've talked with friends and we just just open up and talk back and forth back and forth and then you know, we'll ask each other questions. Oh, did you maybe did you feel like that when you were younger or you know like and then it's like ah, ha moments pop-up. Do you think it could be about this and I'm like, I don't know maybe check for therapist about that write it down take it there and then it ends up turning into this thing and it's all because you communicated, you know in a safe space with the safe friend or if I only phone number and then you were able to like kind of connect the dots and you know, you're near safe space. So you're not like this dumb that I said that you know kind of thing but God. People lack the motivation or the inspiration. They just want to stay where they're at. How did you how did you decide? How did you decide that you were going to go from corporate working? Cuz I know that you were doing that to provide for your family after your divorce. And then how did you decide that you wanted to become a motivational speaker author off amazingness? Well, I will say this I had no aspirations to become a speaker. I wanted to do a creative writing consultant and then write books. I wanted to each other and publish and pin books that would inspire people motivate people encourage them and and Empower them. That was my goal. However, going back to page three to five to seven year old fabulous self that was not afraid to be on stage during church production school productions and how I would recite certain points and you know lines and dead. Even plays and and all of that it was I look back on it now and it was inevitable that I become a speaker cuz I work pretty good Storyteller. So my lie about the stories off of stories and the journey and so my life because I was so transparent and forthcoming with all of the trials that I have gone through and then even to this day, you know different things. I'm still not, you know coming clean with a lot of organizations and different people that have read the book and you know know about the book they wanted me to come talk. They wanted me to speak about my life. And so that's how I ended on the speaking so-to-speak. You're like what you want me to do what I know will say this initially Julia it was a little scared because I was like, oh my God, wait a minute. I have to now stand in front of people like, you know sending them a book or they'll purchasing a book.

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