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Is the fact that radical Regina Romero, the Tucson mayor, not only putting citizens in harm's way, we're getting death threats because she calls me white supremacist. She goes on CNN yesterday and says We're down to 5 to 10. I c u bed Sim Pema County. I was sent information yesterday, the same day she won a CNN showing ST Mary's Hospital alone had 20 to ICU beds available to Mort ST Joe's Harmony. A banner and T M C. Right. So 24 either I have that actually have on my Facebook page. I put up a screen shot of her. V The email We'll get to that second thing I think you need to know. Ah, Judge gives a strange ruling, saying that the governor has the right to tell Jim's they should close and the job that the judge gave his opinion. About working out. He said. You can't wear mask when you work under the judge, roadkill or a mask. When you work out that it's you know, it's not conducive. So ah, you know, he said, it's exercising result in respiratory drop it secretions that can Easily be spread. He wrote then. He said. Many fitness centers or other states have closed Jim's of fitness centers. Yet the Miami mayor, We play this out. My last hair will do it again went on Fox business and said, We reversed the gym's being closed because the health Department here couldn't find any correlation that Jim's actually helps spread the Chinese virus help spread cases grow cases. So they can't find any evidence of Miami. But this judge and the governors have been sure and by the way, it's out there. Now that the paperwork there's there's apparently some form the gyms have to fill out. To show that they're in guidance and compliance with the state, and it's on the health of our website, but it's not there. And then the state's attorney's admitted to the judge yesterday. We're not even sure if we were to get that form up for these gyms to fill out. By July 27th. We don't know we'll get it up. So how they gonna show there in compliance to open up? If you can't even get the paper work. This is insane, and the judge still sided with Jussi. The judge wants a, uh You want some love from do so That's what I'm maybe it's obvious right anyway. Third thing I think you need to know. Is that peanut county Supervisor Sharon Bronson was berating Huckleberry the administrator to figure out what could we do to penalize people and businesses that are not wearing masks? What can we do What she wanted to happen? We're discussing penalties. Says the woman again that drove a taxpayer funded car into a wall of water. No blood tests. No. Do I test no driving tests after that? A woman is still a menace to society on the roads, three things I think you need to know. So I also put the Vagina interview by the way. On my page a canister dot com The four minute debacle that was on CNN No follow up. Nothing. Nothing again. Quick question. Quick, quick tip for the local media if you get a chance to talk to Regina Ask her if she knows the average capacity. I seeyou units. Jared generally have As I've read, it's 83%. Now you can call the hospitals and ask him. You know what's sad is that I don't know. I don't even trust hospitals. After hearing from doctors and and just with my own eyes and ears and Everything like I just I just don't trust him. Don't trust him at all. It's a good question. Ask her. So, Regina. She is literally.

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