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Tia Graham, WW j NewsRadio nine fifty weather forecast from the family heating, cooling and electrical weather center now lifting into northwestern Pennsylvania on its way up toward Syracuse in the middle of the night pooling in some cold air here, we've seen a change over now to some snow, and this is the way it's going to be ending not long after midnight. After leaving our coding to an inch is watch for wet surfaces. Becoming icy temperatures plunge well down into the twenties that on Sunday, Bruce, king cold, clouds and sun with a high of thirty seven it's going to be clear. Cold Sunday night getting down in the lower twenties. Monday, lots of sunshine, not as cold in the afternoon, we get back to forty seven degrees for Tuesday milder with some sunshine, a high fifty. Six this is Accu weather meteorologists Dave Bowers on WJ NewsRadio nine fifty snow showers. Thirty four in Clinton township thirty two degrees in Clarkston, light snow. Thirty two degrees at Detroit metro news on NewsRadio nine fifty. W w j Dana Clark evening top stories at eleven fifty a Sterling Heights. Pastor will stand trial for the death of a transgender woman Albert weather's accused of shooting and killing Kelly sto- in December as she was walking down a Detroit street. Prosecutors argue the motive was money, but the defense says it was an accident Columbia police believe twenty one year old university of South Carolina student. Samantha Joseph son, got into a car outside a bar near the college early.

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