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The United States is to send a thousand more troops to Poland. and Donald Trump said the extra soldiers will likely be moved from other bases in Europe Washington currently has four and a half thousand soldiers in Poland on a rotational basis. trump says the enhanced military presence there is not to count to Russia. Moscow's annexation of Crimea in twenty fourteen and alleged involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine this call is just as in Poland which is a member of NATO. the US has about thirty five thousand troops stationed in Germany and there's been speculation that some of those could be moved to Poland. right wing extremist groups in Europe and trying to recruit military and police members that's according to a confidential report by the east police agency which has been cited by German media. the Europos document says these groups are attempting to winnow the members of the military and security services in order to learn the expertise in combat readiness and surveillance and the report warns that extremist groups are increasingly popular among younger and better educated people you're a poll has urged more international cooperation to tackle the problem. experts have warned that a massive glacier in the Mormon brawl mountain region is melting at hand xcelerated rate the section of the glaze you're concerned lies in Italy and weighs around two hundred fifty thousand tons the authorities say this he's intense summer heat of course the glacier to meld as an average of thirty five centimeters a date. access in road traffic to the region as being restricted but local officials say the melting process doesn't pose a threat to the nearby town of cool made. the part of the place you could break away and crash into the valley below. and finally an elderly lady in France got a bit of a shock when she decided to get a painting valued three years it had been hanging over her stove and she was under the impression it was simply an old icon it isn't the paintings been identified as a thirteenth century masterpiece but the Florentine page her shima boo eight and it's estimated to be worth as much as six million euros on six both believe it's a panel from a work dating back to twelve eighty the painting will be auctioned in France later next month hello see me with the European use random. I'm Keith Walker in Bonn you're listening to inside Europe Boris Johnson during the week accused lawmakers of trying to stop the country from leaving the European Union saying parliament have become quite realized the British prime minister appeared in the house of Commons for the first time since the Supreme Court rules he had acted unlawfully in advising the queen to suspend parliament following somewhat turbulent events force in London as journalist and political commentator part to Christie's hello Patrick hello okay busy week in parliament yes really really busy and after the the highest court in the land all see preen cold decided that it was in little full for Boris Johnson too or try to Perot parliament full what would have been an additional four days longer than normal and peace uses opportunity to shout to each other and to parades each other it's behave front wheel all the time a little bit logs they wanted was out today it was a bit of a state I think all round from the Tories labor on the let downs ready I was a bit of a stain on on British democracy and Sam as a clip here from from from Barry Sherman isolate Bram pay and this this really just sum it up..

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