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Doubt about that. There's a whole list of different methodologies that can be chosen from And the one thing that I think is clear though if you look at the reactions on social media yesterday and you alluded to it for. Its a very popular decision with the horse players. One that they have been heard and to that it You know as far as the Jackpot and just the perception being that the track is not getting too greedy Some people use the word robbed which you know. You see things like that out there. But as far as the their feelings about certain jackpots and methodologies of wagers the most important thing is that they feel that. We're being fair to the horse player so beyond that we'll have to see what else we can do. For the wager well It was a very welcome turnabout and it was instantly recognized and people were actually very gratified. Surprise John at at how quickly and the opportunity I I I think it really the way it played out was fortuitous because the fact that united towed could not get the programming done in time for the start of the sequence that that ended up being really fortunate and then in the interim Obviously you and management sat down and I do have to ask about an increased the opportunity out of Yes for an increase social media a communication vehicle. Because there's very little information on the website about the racing product and really a a meager presence on on twitter for instance in terms of communicating to players. So I have to speak to that in two ways. First of all social media that twitter has been a little bit slow to catch on in this region. That's the first thing that's not an excuse. It's just the fact second of all everybody does need understand something that they may. Not Wild horse racing does go on. Will.

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