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I'm sure that almost probably feels like a luxury of you the way the season's been broken up in so many different ways. One of you worked on since the Seton Hall game rebounding, rebounding and rebounding, right, you know, just being more physical on the glass. Block outs. You know, again, we're not gonna be one of the bigger teams, obviously in the Big East and Seton Hall was the big is the biggest team in the Big East by a landslide, and we thought we just got out toughed and and they were way more physical than us. We didn't set the tone. The right way early on in the game, Even when it was close. We were blocking out and I thought that was the biggest downfall we had of the game coach three point shooting in the second half of the lost to create in three point shooting Pretty much for the entire game against Seton Hall really wasn't what this team is typically are capable of doing there. I feel this is a really good Xavier team and turns shooting the basketball last Game and a half. Maybe not so much When you look at the taste of the shots, not the shot you want. They're just not going in or you'll be in that dock back defensively. I thought we had some pretty good looks. To be honest. I'll take those shots. Um, we have not come in. You know, I keep stepping in not gonna man. Keep the ball moving. Our offense wasn't the problem against Seton Hall We scored. Our defense was horrendous. We give up 50 points, 2 ft, Then 50. 50 never seen that. And what was the percentage on those, you know? Oh, it was high for them. I mean, I know that, you know, So again, we got to be a lot better guard the ball blocking out post defense mean we got to be way better on the defensive end. Not the one owed him when he played. They got away 15 14 minutes in the ball game for you. I thought he brought some energy plus it last Paul Scruggs to go back to the two position. Yeah, I thought the one distant good things. I think he had five assists, Um, and in that in a short amount of time there, so we gotta get him back into the flow a little bit, but it's definitely good to have him back out there when he just toughness in his play making ability. Jason Carter. He got off to a tremendous start in that ballgame that 1st 10 minutes he played That may be the best. I've seen Jason Carter playing his Avery Uniformed. He was tremendous. He got hit in the head had to go out. Got a cut on, I think above his eye there, but it was exciting to be. It was exciting. The washing play the way was planned. Hey, he was playing great. You know, I've met with him before the season. All against it to display the confidence, man. You're more skilled than these guys. You know the big idea, Varga, That's who's gonna be guarding you. Use your I Q. Use your mind shot, fake him drive it. I said, you're more athletically think that donkey had was incredible here in the first half, Um, again. He was rebounding defendant and hurt us. Obviously when he went out there, but we're excited to get him back in the flow. About your minutes in the post Deante Miles wasn't available. He is a little bit of an injury, apparently and Ben Stanley and Brian Griffin, How do you see those guys divide their time? You know it comes down to you know, like, Can you do our system? I think that's critically important. You know, When you get all these new guys, I think that's the, uh that's the adjustment, picking up things right defensively and offensively, and that's where you got a little bit of a drop right now with with PG and been and they gotta figure it out, I told those guys I'm gonna play those guys that I trust neck and execute right on that that at the end of the day, that's what's gonna help us win. What your opponent tonight ST John's. They have five players that average in double figures. What surprises me, though, by looking at their scores. They do have a score champagne. He's averaging 20 points. It's unusual to see somebody in the 20 point level with for their team mates that score 10 or more points a ballgame. How do they score? They play really fast that mean they score a lot off their defense attorney over there's gonna be a lot of possessions in the game. Um, you know, they got a lot of different guys, You can get it done and champagne. He's one of the one of the big one of the better players in the Big East so far this year. Um, he's having a great year after having a really good freshman year. Last year is taking a big jump, so they got a lot of different guys that could score the ball. ST John Force's 18 turnovers per game. 11 steals What is your style of defense? Full court pressure zone, But is it they're going to go full court? They're gonna press the entire game from start to finish, And they're going to gamble in the half court. They're gonna reach They're gonna play passing lane, so they're really gonna try to turn you over a couple of keys. Say, number ones handling pressure, right taking care of the ball critically important. We can't have live ball turnovers because they just those just lead two touchdowns at the other end, And then I'd say, number two. We get Bill to keep our defense really, really tight defensively. Elected I coach. Thanks. This is the Ukraine Pregame show up next savior in ST John's on 700. W out of you. E wouldn't work anywhere else. Dr. Roshni Shetty loves the West Side. I was born and raised on the West side. I'm a second generation Western Hills position. We're.

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